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Time Management: Is it a waste of time?

A lawyer I coach told me he had heard a sales seminar where the presenter said “time management is a waste of time.” The lawyer asked what I thought. Here is how I replied: Interesting. I did a Google search and saw this article:…more

Free Agency and Lateral Partner Moves

Lateral partner moves in the legal industry, especially the ones involving prestige practices, have often been compared to the free agency feature in professional sports. Many of us who wear suits and ties to work and spend endless…more

Hallowe’en Costume Issues? Try Being Justice Every Day

Hallowe’en is here! Time for jack o’ lanterns, apple cider and the annual costume day at the office. Time to pull out your favorite costume: Justice! Artwork courtesty of Giovanni Benedetti Best costume ever! You…more

[Video]FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report-Episode 102-interview with Bruce Carton

In this interview I visit with Bruce Carton, founder and editor of Securities Docket. We discuss the recently concluded 2014 Securities Enforcement Forum; its panels, discussions and vibe…more

Indiana Supreme Court: Family of Disabled Student Who Choked to Death at School Will Have Day in Court

This installment focuses on the Indiana Supreme Court decision in Lyons v. Richmond Community School Corporation that examined the application of fraudulent concealment and the discovery rule to the Indiana Tort Claims Act and found…more

Indiana Supreme Court Holds: Trial Court Has Discretion to Not Grant Crime Victims Relief Act Award Even When Predicate Act is Proven

This discussion focuses on the Indiana Supreme Court decision in Wysocki v. Johnson, in which the Indiana Supreme Court held that a trial court is not obligated to apply the Indiana Crime Victims Relief Act even where plaintiffs have…more

[Video]IP|Trend: Keeping Your Start-Up Compliant

Start-ups are often focused on getting their product to market and ensuring that their financial runway is adequate to do so. Often though, they leave corporate compliance issues on the back burner. This can have devastating…more

California Seeks to Clarify Standards of Review for Hotel Property Tax Assessment Appeals

Hotels are one of the most misunderstood properties when valued by local assessors for property tax purposes. A hotel’s enterprise activity is comprised of tangible property, in the form of real estate and personal property, and…more

NLRB Finds That Employer Could Rescind Offers After Workers Discussed Detailed Insubordination Plans on Facebook

In a (rare) positive social media decision for employers, the NLRB ruled on October 28th in Richmond District Neighborhood Center, Case 20–CA–091748 (Oct. 28, 2014), that two employees who discussed their insubordination plans in great…more

Status Updates - October 2014 #13

..Back to the future. Socially Aware readers – and editors – of, uhm, a certain age will fondly recall how, during the early days of the dotcom era, we hung out on message boards and in chat rooms discussing (some might say arguing…more

Advertising Law - October 2014 #4

Red Bull’s $13M False Ad Deal Crashes Site - Red Bull may claim to give you wings, but a false advertising settlement with the company apparently couldn’t stop its servers from crashing…more

American Broadcasting Cos., Inc. v. Aereo, Inc.

USDC, Southern District of New York, October 23, 2014 - In light of Supreme Court’s recent decision that defendant Aereo, Inc., engaged in public performances under Copyright Act by capturing over-the-air broadcast television…more

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