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3 Law Practice Website Mistakes & How to Fix Them

It’s not enough to be a great lawyer, you need to be a great lawyer with a website that reflects who you are and how you are different. In today’s online world, there is little chance anyone is going to hire you without...more


Two Overlooked Law Practice Revenue Streams (No Matter Your Niche)

The most expensive part of owning and operating your law practice, bar none, is the investment you make in getting new clients. Period....more

3/18/2014 - Law Practice Management

What a $310 Men’s Haircut Can Teach You About Your Law Practice

Famous blogger Derek Halpern of had a $310 haircut and he made a video to tell us all of the things he learned about selling high-priced services…...more


Lawyers Have The Worst Newsletters

I see a lot of lawyer newsletters come into my inbox each month. Most of them, suck. Here’s some of what they have in common that you really want to make sure your newsletter doesn’t...more


After You Transform: How Long Before the Money Starts Coming In?

Technically, this is Part III in my series on the rising rates of suicide among lawyers and what we need to do to stop it now… Today though, we are moving beyond the depression, struggle and anxiety and getting into the...more

2/18/2014 - Career Development

This Has to Stop: Suicide Among Lawyers On the Rise (Part 2)

I hope you got a chance to read last week’s blog post, inspired by a desire to provide hope for the lawyers who are seriously depressed about the reality of the practice of law. I, too, found myself hopeless for a time in...more

2/12/2014 - Law School Suicide

This Has to Stop: Suicide Among Lawyers On the Rise (Part 1)

Very recently, CNN reported that more lawyers are killing themselves than ever before. And this is not the figurative kind of killing themselves from working too many hours… it’s the literal kind — suicide....more

2/4/2014 - Suicide

Why Estate Planning is the Best Practice Area for Most Lawyers

There was a time when I wasn’t sure I was going to continue serving lawyers. I had a mid-life crisis (or as I like to think of it—a Spiritual Awakening) and I did a deep dive soul-searching inquiry as to what I wanted to be...more

1/21/2014 - Career Development

Are You Destroying Generations of Family Wealth?

Regardless of what kind of law you practice, you are serving people with families. You may be serving them to build their companies, or to get compensated after an injury or to ease their way through a divorce…...more

1/13/2014 - Estate Planning Law Practice Management

How to Ask for Support From Friends and Family (& Why You Should!)

Last week I wrote about some ways you could find extra money that you think you don’t have, in order to invest in your business. This week I’d like to explore the best way to ask your friends and family for support in...more

1/8/2014 - Law Practice Management

How To Invest In Your Law Practice When You Don’t Have Extra

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how to invest in your law practice and grow it into the business you really want. But, what about when you don’t have any extra to invest? Then what?...more

1/2/2014 - Business Development Law Practice Management

Do You Know The Value Of Investing In Your Law Practice?

When I first started out in my law practice, I never imagined I would invest money in its growth. I had this idea that I would just generate the revenue I needed to cover my pay and rent. I didn’t imagine I would have a...more


Why Does it Feel So Painful to Be a Lawyer Sometimes?

There are certain parts of being a lawyer that are particularly hard… Especially, if you’re a lawyer who cares. The traditional business model is broken....more


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