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Don't fall flat on anti-corruption due diligence

Failing grade for many countries - Recently, Transparency International came out with their Corruption Progress Report for 2014. A promise was made about 15+ years ago by many of the world's leading economies to...more

10/31/2014 - AML/CFT Canada Dodd-Frank DOJ Due Diligence FCPA HIPAA Information Reports SEC Transparency UK Bribery Act

Tesco whistleblower remains safe from recrimination

And for that, I'm applauding Tesco for doing the right thing - About a month ago, we blogged about how a whistleblower at Tesco came forward to raise concerns over flawed accounting. It seemed that Tesco had...more

10/30/2014 - Tesco UK Whistleblower Protection Policies Whistleblowers

Three easy steps to manage ethics reporting incidents

Really, it's easy - read on! You know that saying your parents always told you when they caught you red handed with your paws in the cookie jar? "I've got eyes in the back on my head". My own sons fell for that one up...more

10/29/2014 - Canada Chief Compliance Officers Corporate Culture Employer Liability Issues Ethics Internal Investigations

Five reasons not to bully a whistleblower

But first... Here's a classic case of bullying a whistleblower - Whistleblowers are brave people who come forward to make good faith reports of suspected fraud, corruption, or other improper...more

10/28/2014 - Bullying Canada Fraud and Abuse Whistleblowers

The importance of a Code of Ethics in government... and all organizations

Governments need to ensure proactive measures are in place Just like any organization - As the world has heard by now, Canada was rocked by two unique, and tragic, events. Last week a soldier was killed in a parking...more

10/24/2014 - Canada Chief Compliance Officers Code of Conduct Compliance Ethics Whistleblowers

Whistleblowing in the UK - A dismal report

The UK Whistleblowing Report - not quite a passing grade - According to Public Concern at Work, the whistleblowing charity, 2013 was the year of the whistleblower in the UK. Stories of whistleblowers have been, and...more

10/23/2014 - Compliance UK Whistleblower Protection Policies Whistleblowers

Psst, a 3rd party ethics reporting system benefits any organization

"... even popular social media platforms, but, sh, don't tell" - Kind of like confessions in a personal diary, Whisper is an app that lets users anonymously share their secrets with millions of others in acts of...more

10/22/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Ethics Whistleblower Protection Policies Whistleblowers

A whistleblower's age has no boundaries

The young boy who blew the whistle - Here's a new one. It's about a brave 12 year old who became a whistleblower. I wanted to share this one because as a mother myself, I try to teach my children about the greater...more

10/17/2014 - Retaliation Whistleblowers

A whistleblower's battle over beer

(Got your attention?) Yep, you read that right... beer - One often thinks of bribery and corruption happening in major, high profile organizations (Enron, WorldCom, Tyco). Those are certainly the first I think of...more

10/16/2014 - Breweries Bribery Whistleblower Protection Policies Whistleblowers Wine & Alcohol

One important reason why healthcare whistleblowers need to be protected

Because they have first sight into the safety and treatment of patients - There's been much in the media spotlight lately around UK healthcare whistleblowers. The scandal-hit Stafford Hospital has had it's fair share...more

10/15/2014 - Healthcare UK Whistleblower Protection Policies Whistleblowers

Global fraud and corruption, and how you can prevent it

Global Corruption Survey - Transparency International carried out a Global Corruption Survey for 2013 to just under 100 countries. The results from this survey indicate that one in four people had paid a bribe to a...more

10/14/2014 - Anti-Corruption Compliance Corruption Fraud Transparency Whistleblowers

Whistleblowing is a crucial source of intelligence... no robots needed

I've often wondered why well known, large, and "everybody knows the brand" organizations feel the need to cover up instances of when employees come forward to report wrongdoing. We've seen the General Motors debacle over an...more

10/10/2014 - Compliance Transparency Whistleblowers

Should IT professionals be whistleblowers?

Well of course they should... stakes have never been higher - Anybody can be a whistleblower. But the most infamous today are technology professionals, making their debut in the headlines for exposing government...more

10/9/2014 - Dodd-Frank SEC Whistleblowers

Civil War fraud, whistleblowers, and modern day tactics

A past law helps modern day fraud fighting - I've always been fascinated by the Civil War era. It probably had something to do with my first watching the TV series North and South. The costumes, beauty, characters,...more

10/8/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers False Claims Act Federal Contractors Fraud Internal Investigations Whistleblower Awards Whistleblower Hotlines Whistleblowers

Security breaches at White House might call for an ethics reboot

Have you seen the movie Olympus Has Fallen? It's about a Washington, DC policeman, and his daughter, who while on tour of the White House, get caught up in the middle of a group of armed paramilitary invaders who carry...more


An ethics and compliance program in seven steps

Establishing compliant and ethical behaviour among the masses, and regulating against non-compliance is a big step in the fight against fraud and abuse. All organizations have their own unique plan in the running of their...more

10/3/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Ethics Training

Five easy steps to implement a whistleblower hotline

In 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... The ACFEs 2014 Report to the Nations states that the most effective method for reducing workplace fraud is to implement an ethics hotline to allow and encourage employees, customers, and...more

10/1/2014 - Compliance Ethics Whistleblower Hotlines Whistleblowers

$30 million payout awarded to Whistleblower

Let's imagine this scenario... You're an employee with an organization - have been for many years. You're loyal, friendly, and you care about the future of your employer and its business success. Now imagine...more

9/30/2014 - SEC Whistleblower Whistleblower Awards

Whistleblower at Tesco alerts of flawed accounting

It seems that Tesco has been artificially inflating its profits by £250m, and in the ensuing fiasco, has suspended four executives, including its UK managing director. A whistleblower's warning had payments from...more

9/29/2014 - Fraud Tesco UK Whistleblowers

Let's take a look at the whistleblower - your loyal employee

Whistle while you work... if you feel you have to! Many characteristics work together to make an individual a professional person - one of which is upholding standards of ethical behaviour. This means that a professional...more


When you can't report misconduct to your manager, report it anonymously

"Faulty" managers are hard to bring concerns of wrongdoing to - That's why being able to do it anonymously and safely is so important to business success. If you think back along the path of your career and jobs...more

9/25/2014 - Best Management Practices Corporate Culture Employer Liability Issues Whistleblowers

Today's special - fraud, hammers and nails

"... the company was slow to respond to early threats and only belatedly took action." By now we've all heard about the latest credit card breach within Home Depot - that account information of 56 million cardholders...more

9/24/2014 - Cybersecurity Data Breach Home Depot Retailers Whistleblowers

Popular Frauds - protect your organization

One Fraud... Two Fraud... Three Fraud... No organization wants to wake up to find themselves suddenly the center of unexpected liability or unwelcome scrutiny due to fraud. Fraud costs organizations more if it's...more

9/19/2014 - Bribery Compliance Corruption Fraud Misappropriation White Collar Crimes

Here's why Whistleblowing should be on your priority list

The G20 Say... "Priority number one: whistleblowing" - Whistleblower protection laws have been in place for over two decades in some countries. But it's only recently that affective laws and procedures have begun to be...more

9/18/2014 - Anti-Corruption Chief Compliance Officers Compliance G20 Whistleblowers

The public is tired of governmental mismanagement

Let the elections begin - Ontario is deep in municipal election campaigns across the province. One issue without question within Ontario governments is the need to address an increasingly aged and inadequate public...more

9/18/2014 - Canada Governmental Liability Infrastructure Mismanagement

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