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Supreme Court Reaffirms That an Appellee Who Does Not Seek To Enlarge Its Favorable Judgment Need Not File a Cross-Appeal To...

One of a litigator’s most crucial tasks is ensuring that issues and arguments in support of a client’s position are available if and when the case is presented to an appellate tribunal. While issue preservation is always a...more

2/4/2015 - Cross-Appeals Doctrine of Waiver Federal Sentencing Guidelines Habeas Corpus Jennings v. Stephens Litigation Strategies SCOTUS

Recent Pennsylvania Superior Court Decision Highlights Importance of Objections to Preserving Issues for Appellate Review

The Superior Court recently held that an attorney’s failure to make timely or effective objections to the composition of a jury prevented a trial court from vacating a judgment and granting a mistrial. The Superior Court’s...more

5/10/2013 - Appeals Asbestos Asbestos Litigation Objection Procedures

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