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TRENDING: Minnesota’s Midwestern “Identity Crisis”

The usual suspects did it again Tuesday. My Minnesota friends who, like me, tend to indulge in a bit too much Minnesota-centric navel gazing took high interest to a Minneapolis Star Tribune column that posed an interesting...more

11/19/2014 - Legal Recruiting

Lessons from Improv Class for the Law Firm

This month, the greater downtown Minneapolis community is welcoming the Brave New Workshop Student Union to the neighborhood. Until just a few weeks ago, the improvisational comedy school convened classes at the Brave New...more

10/23/2014 - Client Services Professional Development Young Lawyers

Personal Brand Management for Retirees (…of the NFL)

Dozens of former NFL players lit up the federal court docket here in Minnesota with filings on Monday targeted at Defendants including the National Football League, NFL Films, Inc., and NFL Productions, LLC....more

9/25/2014 - Athletes Class Action Licensing Rights NFL Personal Brands Sports

Copyright Watch: Suit over the NCIS Bert the Far***g Hippo

I can’t even say the word! Don’t worry, I’ll have to eventually. Let’s just say the folks at CBS are likely pretty steamed up over getting hauled into court on a smelly copyright suit involving a noisy character from its...more

8/28/2014 - CBS Copyright Copyright Infringement

The Horror – Bar Exam Software Server Problems Nationwide

As if the nation’s bar examinees didn’t have enough to worry about — last night, the company administering the process for any test-taker using his or her laptop to take yesterday’s essay portion of the exam experienced what...more

7/31/2014 - Bar Exam Software Students Young Lawyers

Fun Brand Watch: Car2go

About a year ago, funny little Smart Fortwo vehicles started popping up all over my neighborhood. I wondered whether there was some sort of European invasion taking place in Minneapolis. Whatever was happening, I just...more

6/25/2014 - Automotive Industry

Mining Tumblr to Meet Twombly – Under Armour’s Well-Pleaded Complaint

This week, Under Armour, the Baltimore-based athletic apparel behemoth gave us a new take on the well-pleaded complaint. Under Armour sued Florida-based I A Nutrition, Inc., for trademark infringement in the U.S. District...more

5/9/2014 - Evidence Infringement Pleadings Social Media Trademarks Tumblr Young Lawyers

Professional Personal Branding and the #Selfie

Sure, I’ve indulged in the occasional “selfie.” (From now on, without quotation marks because, let’s face it, if Oxford called it the word of the year in 2013, it’s here to stay.) But each one still gives me some measure of...more

4/30/2014 - Brand Personal Brands Young Lawyers

The “Civil War” With No Opposition – Notice of Allowance to Oregon for Football Rivalry

Work brought me to Harrisburg, Pa. during the first part of this week. Two colleagues and I finished with our business early Wednesday, so we took in the sights at the National Civil War Museum, which sits atop a marvelous...more

3/21/2014 - Football Trademarks USPTO

A Billion Dollars Boiled Down to a Couple Syllables

The other day, my better half and I were brainstorming the next great social media app. You know, the one that would propel us from our employers’ payrolls like circus performers out of a cannon? We had the concept down —...more

3/13/2014 - Brand Logos

The Branding Outside My Window – Anything But Obnoxious and Obtrusive

I love living in Minneapolis. The quotient for savvy and sophisticated branding is high – an opinion reinforced every time I glance out my office window....more

2/27/2014 - Brand

Who’s Number One? Shoot for Engagement Over All Else – Lessons from Local Television News

It’s February — and that means it’s time for local television stations across the nation to get out their measuring sticks. Here in Minneapolis, and on this day, that notion carries a double meaning. For one, the local...more

2/21/2014 - Networks Television Broadcast Stations

Amazon bests the milkman with new, patented method of delivery

Ok. I admit. I’m too young, no, make that way too young to know how the milk man system of delivery worked. Was it subscription-based? Or was there an element of public service to it – where the milk man (or maid!)...more

1/23/2014 - Amazon Patents

Branding renegades in the Southwest and other holiday reading

It’s the week between Christmas and New Year – which hopefully means you find yourself with a little R&R time. R&R in our household always includes time to read purely for pleasure. With that, I’d like to share one of my...more

12/27/2013 - Brand Copyright Hells Angels

Amazon innovation? Nay. Good, old-fashioned bamboozling

Does anyone else think Amazon’s Jeff Bezos utterly bamboozled Charlie Rose and the good folks over at 60 Minutes last Sunday night?...more

12/9/2013 - Amazon Charlie Rose Drones FAA Jeff Bezos

Show you[']r[e] what?! It’s a battle of the breeches

“Yes!” I exclaimed as I scrolled through my Facebook feed two days ago, “Perfect timing! I’ll get to follow-up on Brent Lorentz’s ‘You’ve gotta be shipping me!!’ DuetsBlog post from earlier this year....more

11/20/2013 - Advertising Kmart Lanham Act Slogans Trademarks

‘Tis the Season (Already!) to Think of Protecting Seasonal Brands

Who knew the fleeting annual presence of haunted houses — around your town and mine — was enough to achieve the vaunted status of “Billion Dollar Industry?”...more

10/31/2013 - Brand Halloween Holidays Trademarks

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