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Hernandez Gets Boo-urned In Federal Court – Statutory Damages For Copyright Infringement

As my colleague Monique Ashamalla pointed out over at our sister blog, IP Advocate, the Federal Court of Canada recently handed down a judgment of particular note to content owners: the court awarded $10,000,000 in statutory...more

1/17/2014 - Canada Copyright Copyright Infringement Piracy

Cinar v Robinson – The Supreme Court Talks Entertainment Law

Claude Robinson’s long legal march is over. On December 23, 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada released its unanimous decision in Cinar Corporation v. Robinson (2013 SCC 73)....more

12/31/2013 - Canada Copyright Copyright Infringement Television Programming Television Shows

SOCAN Announces New Arrangement For Youtube Revenues

In early November, SOCAN (the Canadian performing rights collective) announced the entering into of a new agreement which probably should have garnered more attention than it did: YouTube earnings unlocked for SOCAN...more

12/3/2013 - Canada SOCAN YouTube

CMPA’s The Branded Entertainment Landscape

The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) recently published the first in a series of white papers dedicated to branded entertainment in Canada. The first white paper, released at Merging Media in Vancouver on...more

11/12/2013 - Canada Entertainment Industry Media

Video Game Resources

A couple of noteworthy recent publications relating to the Canadian video game industry: - the Entertainment Software Association of Canada has released the final version of its report Canada’s Video Game Industry in...more

10/24/2013 - Canada Video Games WIPO

Wiping The Slate Clean: When Fake Movie Products Have Real-World Counterparts

Often when practicing entertainment law, particularly in Canada, attempts to analyze a particular situation run up against a road-block: there seems to be no caselaw covering the issue, and you’re stymied as to how to advise...more

9/24/2013 - Canada Entertainment Industry Infringement Likelihood of Confusion Movies

Who’s Got The Look? Pelchat c Zone 3 Inc. et al.

For reasons which elude me, the Quebec courts get all the interesting entertainment law disputes in Canada (see also: Robinson v Films Cinar Inc., for which we anxiously await the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision)....more

6/5/2013 - Canada Copyright Expert Witness Infringement Television Shows

Copyright Reversions And Loan-Out Corporations

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to speak at an Ontario Bar Association Entertainment, Media & Communications Law Section session on the topic of copyright reversionary interests. During the Q&A portion of the...more

4/23/2013 - Canada Copyright Loans Personal Services Producers Reversionary Rights Service Contracts

Licenses For Public Performance Of Music At "Live Events" In Canada

SOCAN (the Canadian public performance rights collective) recently announced that in 2012 they paid over $20 million in royalties from "concerts and live entertainment". That figure represented a 14% increase year-over-year....more

3/25/2013 - Canada Licenses Public Performance Rights Royalties SOCAN Tariffs

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