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Nuts and Bolts of the Home Rule Program Application Sales and Use Taxes

This is an outline of a presentation given by Spilman attorneys Dale Steager and Brian Helmick before the WV Municipal League 44th Annual Conference, Home Rule: Learn, Lead, Succeed, at the Charleston Marriott Hotel in...more

8/12/2013 - Business Taxes Home Rule States Local Ordinance Municipalities Sales & Use Tax

Discussion of West Virginia Land Stewardship Act

WEST VIRGINIA LAND STEWARDSHIP CORPORATION - Enrolled Com. Sub for H. B. 2590. - Overview - Enrolled Com. Sub. For H. B. 2590 (hereinafter HB 2590) ) – to be known as the West Virginia Land Stewardship...more

6/5/2013 - Contaminated Properties Exempt Organizations Non-Profits Property Valuation State and Local Government Tax Exemptions

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