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Arizona Criminal Cases Subject to Forensic Error

Three months ago, a man was released from a Phoenix prison after serving 42 years for the murders of 29 people – murders we now know he did not commit. In fact, he may have actually been a hero, with witnesses saying...more

7/31/2013 - Death Penalty

Can you "stand your ground" in Arizona?

As an Arizona criminal defense attorney in Mesa, I have found it interesting how the George Zimmerman trial has created a national debate about the wisdom of so-called "stand your ground" laws. Many states have enacted such...more

7/22/2013 - George Zimmerman Gun Laws Local Ordinance Self-Defense Stand Your Ground Laws Trayvon Martin Shooting

Can Arizona Cops Seize my Medical Marijuana?

Under Arizona law, police officers are vested with authority to immediately seize illegal drugs, including marijuana. Pursuant to A.R.S. §13-3413(C), seized drugs are then “summarily forfeited” which means that they are never...more

3/1/2013 - Marijuana Medical Marijuana Search & Seizure

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