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Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets and Accounts

Traditionally, a person’s most valuable assets to be distributed upon death consisted of tangible items such as real property, cash, jewelry and personal effects of sentimental value like photographs and letters. However, the...more

10/3/2014 - Digital Assets Facebook Fiduciary Duty Google PayPal Social Networks UFADAA Yahoo!

Honoring Do-Not-Track Browser Signals

We’re all familiar with the ads that pop up on the side of our browsers, personalized to highlight things we might be interested in based on our web browsing activity....more

8/15/2013 - Data Collection Do Not Track FTC Pinterest Twitter W3C

President Obama Signs Executive Order on Cybersecurity

As announced during the 2013 State of the Union Address, President Obama recently signed an Executive Order on cybersecurity. The primary goals of the Executive Order are to (a) improve communication between private companies...more

3/7/2013 - Barack Obama Critical Infrastructure Sectors Cybersecurity Data Protection Executive Orders

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