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Social Media for Attorneys: Good Business or Ethical Minefield?

Social media websites allow anyone — or more accurately everyone — to communicate and share ideas and opinions with a wide-ranging audience. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn provide an extraordinary means...more

11/11/2014 - Business Development Ethics Facebook LinkedIn Popular Professional Networking Social Networks Twitter Young Lawyers YouTube

Will The NLRB's Protection Of Water Cooler Conversations Trump A Company's Right To Keep Its Investigations Confidential?

Over the past year, the National Labor Relations Board has issued a series of decisions that have significantly expanded the rights of non-supervisory employees, including non-unionized employees, to discuss information that...more

1/10/2013 - Attorney-Client Privilege Banner Health System Facebook Hispanics United of Buffalo Internal Investigations NLRB Non-Union Protected Concerted Activity Section 7

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