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Guaranteed Employment and Relocation: Is It Time to Reexamine New Jersey’s Baures Standard?

In the recent decision of Benjamin v. Benjamin, the court held that it is not a mandatory prerequisite for a parent to have a guaranteed job to prevail in a relocation application. Rather, the court must evaluate whether...more

12/5/2013 - Burden of Proof Child Custody Good Faith Relocation

Governor Christie Signs Bill Strengthening the Enforceability of Premarital Agreements

Governor Chris Christie has signed a bill that amends both N.J.S.A § 37:2-38 and N.J.S.A § 37:2-32 to strengthen the enforceability of premarital agreements....more

7/5/2013 - Chris Christie Divorce Marriage New Legislation Prenuptial Agreements Unconscionable Contracts

Are you a Federal Employee? Do you have life insurance? Read this!

When you got divorced, did you remember to update your life insurance beneficiary? If not, and if you are a federal employee, your ex-spouse may have a claim to that money if you were to die without changing it, even if your...more

6/6/2013 - Decedent Protection Federal Employees Life Insurance Marital Assets Surviving Spouse

Can an Expectant Mother who is the Victim of Domestic Violence Obtain a Restraining Order on Behalf of her Unborn Child?

A seventeen year old girl who was brutally beaten by four individuals in an attempt to terminate her pregnancy has scored a legal victory for her unborn child....more


Who’s your Daddy? Factors Used for Applications for Genetic Testing for Paternity

After caring for a child he thought was his own for 15 years (including making child support payments!), a plaintiff claimed that he was blindsided when a family friend came forward and admitted that he had taken a DNA test...more

4/11/2013 - Genetic Testing Paternity Rebuttable Presumptions

Alimony Bill Proposing to Overhaul New Jersey’s Alimony Laws

Assembly Bill Number 3909 was introduced on March 7, 2013 seeking to overhaul the State’s long established alimony laws. Among other things, the proposed bill eliminates permanent alimony entirely. ...more

3/19/2013 - Alimony Divorce

Collaborative Divorce – A New Alternative

A new and increasingly more popular alternative to a traditional litigated divorce is a process called Collaborative Divorce. Couples who choose this process agree not to go to Court until they have a signed settlement...more

11/21/2012 - Collaborative Divorce Divorce

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