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Three Security Awareness Training Findings That Will Surprise You

As providers of ethics and compliance training solutions, we never tire of discussing topics like anti-bribery training, sexual harassment training, code of ethics training… and so many more. Lately, we have seen a real...more

7/22/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Cybersecurity Ethics Security Training

UK Companies See The Value of The Code of Conduct As A Promotional Tool – Do You?

I came across this excellent article by The Red Flag Group called “Compliance Pulse: Codes of Conduct in the UK – A study of 100 codes of the largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.” The article outlines a...more

7/21/2014 - Best Management Practices Chief Compliance Officers Code of Conduct Ethics Marketing Transparency UK

4 Ways Compliance Can Leverage Social Media (Provided Social Media Training is Included)

I’m still combing through the PwC “State of Compliance” survey. It’s very well done; if you haven’t had a chance to read it, I recommend you take the time. I’ve you’ve read my recent blogs, you know I have social media on the...more

7/21/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Popular Social Media Social Media Policy Training

Nature Or Nurture? Use Code of Ethics Training, Annual Culture Assessments to Nurture Ethical Culture

I’ve been getting more involved with our company’s social media presence lately, which is quite the double-edged sword. On the plus side, my team is very happy, I’m finding loads of great content and wonderful subject matter...more

7/18/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Corporate Culture Ethics

5 Elements Your Code Of Ethics Training Should Address

I read an article in EthicsMonitor by Cynthia Schoeman called How to Crack Your Company’s Code of Ethics. Cynthia makes some good points about Codes of Ethics that align with our thinking about what good employee training...more

7/14/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Corporate Culture Employer Liability Issues Ethics Training

3 Questions To Help Develop Ethics and Compliance KPIs (Beyond Business Ethics Training Scores and Whistleblower Hotline Calls)

It’s no secret that ethics and compliance professionals struggle with measuring the effectiveness of their programs. Sometimes the “well, we have to do it anyway” mentality can preclude any attempt at real measurement and...more

7/10/2014 - Best Management Practices Chief Compliance Officers Corporate Culture Corporate Governance Employment Policies Ethics Training Whistleblower Hotlines Whistleblowers

Does Your Company Align Compliance Training To An Annual Ranking of Risks?

PwC came out with their annual State of Compliance survey, which is always well done, and has given me lots of fodder for upcoming blogs. I found the below illustration in the accompanying “chart pack” and found it...more

7/9/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Training

Does Your Compliance Training Inspire Employees to Follow Rules or Follow Values?

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal wherein Michael McMillan, director of ethics and professional standards at the CFA Institute, was interviewed and discussed the difference between following the rules and behaving...more

7/3/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Corporate Culture Employer Liability Issues Ethics Training

Three Key Points Your Social Media Training Should Cover

I read a report by Forrester Research, Inc. Analyst Nick Hayes called “Revamp Your Social Media Guidelines To Govern Today’s Social Enterprise” (June 2014). Nick makes some excellent points about why it is so important to...more

7/2/2014 - Employment Policies Social Networks Training

More Fallout From American Apparel: CEO Refused Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

Let it never be said that ethics and compliance is a dull field. Some of the stories that happen in it are worthy of Hollywood. In my last post about American Apparel firing CEO Dov Charney, I wrote that this happened after...more

7/1/2014 - American Apparel Board of Directors Employer Liability Issues Ethics Hiring & Firing Internal Investigations Sexual Harassment Training

Four Reasons Why Employee Social Media Training Is Essential (Hint: It’s Not Just About Compliance!)

And before I forget, let’s make that effective social media training, shall we? Pam Moore wrote this great article “Social Media Policy & Governance: 17 Tips to Mitigate Social Business Risk.” It’s quite insightful and...more

6/27/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Employer Liability Issues Employment Policies Ethics Marketing Risk Assessment Risk Mitigation Social Networks Training

The CIA’s Epic Failure in Protecting Employees: Culture of Accountability Begins with Mandatory Workplace Harassment Training and...

You’ve probably seen the multiple stories and blogs that were published last week on the sad state of the workplace at the CIA. I read this post on the PBS Newshour site, noting that 15 CIA employees were found to have...more

6/25/2014 - Bullying CIA Compliance Harassment Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment Training

Why BoDs and CEOs Need Workplace Harassment Training Too: American Apparel’s Board and CEO Violated Their Own Code of Ethics

I was driving home Wednesday evening, listening to the news on the radio, when I heard the story about Dov Charney, the CEO of American Apparel, being fired by the company’s board of directors. According to that story and...more

6/24/2014 - Board of Directors C-Suite Executives Chief Compliance Officers Code of Conduct Compliance Ethics Harassment Training

Who Owns Business Ethics Training and Code of Conduct: The Divide Between HR & Ethics and Compliance

The title of this blog caught my eye; I just finished reading it and knew you’d enjoy it. “Ethics and the HR department – a Happy Marriage?” by Polly Foley, senior researcher at the Institute of Business Ethics, is about of...more

6/20/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Corporate Culture Employer Liability Issues Ethics Human Resources Professionals Training

Should Freelancers Take Code of Ethics Training Too?

I read this article on Fortune yesterday, titled “Why Freelancers Need a Code of Ethics.” We focus so much on companies and larger organizations that it never occurred to me that the freelance industry would be thinking about...more

6/17/2014 - Consultants Employer Liability Issues Ethics Risk Management Training

Code of Ethics Training is Worth it! Five Measurable Components of Corporate Culture

This may be my final post-Compliance Week update – I haven’t decided yet. But I’m excited to share thoughts about another session that had some great ideas and discussion. It was about the notion of measuring corporate...more

6/12/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Code of Conduct Compliance Corporate Culture Ethics

How Big Does a Company Have to Be to Require a Code of Conduct?

Being in the tech industry, I’ve spent time in and around start-ups and of course I’ve worked for well-established companies as well. So I have firsthand knowledge of how organizations can evolve as they grow, both from a...more

6/11/2014 - Code of Conduct Compliance Human Resources Professionals

Kroll Anti-Bribery & Corruption Benchmarking Report: 58% of Organizations Give No Anti-Bribery Training to Third Party Vendors?!

Another one of my favorite sessions at Compliance Week featured Lonnie Keene from Kroll and Matt Kelly of Compliance Week presenting the 2014 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Benchmarking Report. It’s a very thorough report and...more

6/10/2014 - Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Chief Compliance Officers Corporate Counsel DOJ Employer Liability Issues Risk Assessment Risk Management SEC Third-Party Training

Why Not Use Ethics Training as a Feedback Mechanism to Improve Culture?

I read this great blog by Ken Reda on the Profit Advisory Group site. The blog “Is Your Company Culture Costing You Money?” is fascinating. Those of you who regularly read my blogs (thanks!) know I’m all about company...more

5/30/2014 - Compliance Corporate Culture Ethics

Compliance Trends Survey: Metrics Beyond Hotline Calls and Compliance Training Completion Rates

As I mentioned in my last post, Compliance Week 2014 gave me a lot of blog material that’s been running – sprinting, really – through my head. I really enjoyed the session at the conference wherein Deloitte and Compliance...more

5/29/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Ethics Hotlines

Use Compliance Training and Code of Conduct to Encourage “Ethical Emotion” in Your Culture

I just returned from the lovely city of Washington DC where I spent the last three days with many ethics and compliance professionals at Compliance Week 2014. This is my first time attending the conference, although The...more

5/23/2014 - Best Management Practices Corporate Culture Employer Liability Issues Employment Policies Ethics Training

Have You Written Your BYOD Policy Yet? Don't Forget These 9 Must-Have Features

I read a great blog by Tricia Meyer of Meyer Law, on how crucial it is to prepare your business for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. Surely you’ve heard about this; I even heard a story about BYOD on NPR a few...more

5/20/2014 - Bring Your Own Device Confidential Information Data Use Policies Employer Liability Issues Employment Policies Hiring & Firing Internal Controls Termination

BYOD is Here: 9 Features Your BYOD Policy and Compliance Training Courses Should Include

I read a great blog by Tricia Meyer of Meyer Law, on how crucial it is to prepare your business for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. Surely you’ve heard about this; I even heard a story about BYOD on NPR a few...more

5/13/2014 - Bring Your Own Device Confidentiality Consent Data Retention Employer Liability Issues Employment Policies Mobile Device Management Mobile Devices Mobile Privacy Risk Assessment Risk Management Termination

Look Beyond Hotline Calls and Business Ethics Training Scores for Ethics and Compliance Metrics That Give Real Insight

I came across a great blog this week by Jim Nortz, a compliance and ethics consultant and educator, titled Business Ethics: 3 Questions Every Business Leader Must Ask. If you follow my blogs, you won’t be surprised that I...more

5/9/2014 - Best Management Practices Compliance Corporate Culture Employer Mandates Ethics Risk Assessment Risk Management

Embracing Change in Compliance: Strong Fundamentals, Like Compliance Training and Policy Management Processes, Can be Source of...

We held our annual Client Advisory Council (CAC) last week in Atlanta. It is my favorite event of the year. I get to spend two days talking with a group of our clients about all kinds of ethics and compliance topics. We...more

5/8/2014 - Best Management Practices Corporate Culture Employer Liability Issues Employment Policies Ethics Marketing Training

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