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Choosing a Law Practice Area: The Hedgehog Concept

Did you read Martha’s newest article, yet? It’s a good’un. And while the article and Martha’s success is certainly slanted towards Estate Planning, and you might not (yet) practice that… Overall I think it’s...more

8/19/2014 - Professional Development Young Lawyers

What Legal Marketing and Fishing Have in Common

Have you ever been fishing? It’s a great metaphor when you’re thinking about lead generation: 1.) What kind of fish do you want? 2.) Where do they hang out? 3.) What bait will get them to bite?...more

5/12/2014 - Business Development Law Practice Management Marketing

How to Use a Membership Program to Boost Your Law Practice Profits (Plus, The One Thing All Your Clients Want and Need)

Lawyers are classic pessimists, cynics and skeptics. It takes all types, but once in a while you have to check yourself and be sure you’re not losing faith right before you make that big breakthrough… especially when it...more


Are you ready to be a 4%’er?

Are you a 4%’er? Last week I talked about the 80/20 rule… - 20% of lawyers are making 80% of the money. - 20% of the top 20% of lawyers (4%) are making fully 64% of the total revenue in the industry, in your...more


The Natural Law You Must Learn to Succeed

Let’s face it. These days, lawyers are a dime a dozen. More accurately, 80% of lawyers are a dime a dozen…...more


Why Don’t You Charge What You’re Worth?

A few weeks ago, I asked over 8000 subscribers (lawyers) to our weekly Law Business Mentors Newsletter: “Why are you charging less than what you’re really worth?”...more

12/3/2013 - Career Development

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