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Does California Law Recognize Out-of-State Divorces?

When couples marry and divorce in another state prior to moving to California, the divorce remains legally valid within California. However, there can be circumstances when an out-of-state divorce is not considered valid...more

2/21/2014 - Divorce

What Stipulations Can Be Included in a Premarital Agreement?

Just as there are many reasons why a couple may choose to enter into a premarital agreement, the issues they cover can vary significantly. California law has relatively few limitations for these contracts, as long as they do...more

2/11/2014 - Beneficiaries Contract Drafting Estate Planning Life Insurance Marital Assets Marital Estate Prenuptial Agreements

What Should a Parenting Plan Cover?

A thorough parenting plan is a necessary part of every shared custody arrangement. Nevertheless, even when separating parents are still on civil terms and are able to work together, putting together a parenting plan can be a...more

2/10/2014 - Divorce Parenting Plans

Can I Negotiate Child Support with the Other Parent?

Negotiation is an indispensable part of the legal process, especially in the sphere of family law. However, not all areas are completely open to negotiation. This is especially true in matters involving children — most...more

12/9/2013 - Child Support Divorce

What You Need to Consider When Negotiating a Divorce Agreement

In some situations, matters need to be settled in court, but the vast majority of divorces in California are resolved through a mutual agreement between the parties. Ideally, these agreements are formed through...more

12/5/2013 - Divorce

How Do Courts Decide on Child Custody?

When minor (under age 18) children are part of a dissolving marriage, their care is typically a top concern for divorcing parents. In California, arrangement for their care is known as a parenting plan, or sometimes a custody...more

11/26/2013 - Child Custody Divorce

The Divorce “Parenting Plan,” Despite California’s Lack of Legislation

Social trends usually move ahead of the government. And when it comes to how child custody is written into a divorce agreement, California lags surprisingly behind many other states....more

11/25/2013 - Divorce Parenting Plans

The Mediation Process

Why choose mediation? If you and your spouse are approaching divorce, you may be wondering how to avoid the contentious disputes that often mar whatever good memories exist of a relationship. The traditional divorce...more

11/14/2013 - Divorce Mediation

Data Shows that Mediated Divorces Benefit Children

Mediated divorces have been growing in popularity — and for good reason. They are cost-effective, less stressful and enable divorcing couples to exert much more control over decisions such as property division. Plus, the...more

10/31/2013 - Divorce Mediation

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