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A Low or Mid-Level Employee Can Create A Privileged Communication, But Cannot Waive The Privilege Once Created

Hedden v. Kean University, A-4999-12T2, decided by the New Jersey Appellate Division on October 24, 2013, provides a tutorial on the ability of low to mid level employees to create privileged attorney-client communications,...more

10/28/2013 - Attorney-Client Privilege CEPA NCAA Privilege Waivers Waivers Whistleblowers

Spoliation Sanction For Deactivating Facebook Account

In a recent decision from the District of New Jersey, Gatto v. United Air Lines, Inc, et al., No. 10-cv-1090, 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 41909 (D.N.J. March 25, 2013), the Court found that the Plaintiff had destroyed and/or failed...more

4/20/2013 - Discovery Evidence Facebook Gatto v United Air Lines Record Preservation Social Media Spoliation

Is The State A Silent Partner In Your Contract? Court Strikes Choice Of Law Provision Because Enforcement Would “Frustrate A...

“Freedom of contract”, the very fabric of free market competition and the backbone of laissez-faire economics, stands for the proposition that every competent adult has the right to make a legally binding agreement free from...more

2/20/2013 - Choice-of-Law Employment Contract IT Consultants Private Employment Agency Act Technology

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