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Google's Nest Acquisition Has Much To Do With Patents

The news of Google’s acquisition of Nest Labs for $3.2 billion cast a spotlight on an ongoing debate in startups: Should they bother to seek patents to protect their inventions or not? ...more

2/10/2014 - Acquisitions Google Patents Startups

Supreme Court Rules on Human Gene Patent Debate

Angelina Jolie recently made headlines for her preemptive mastectomy after learning that she carried the BRCA genes, which are linked to breast cancer....more

6/26/2013 - AMP v Myriad DNA Gene Patenting Human Genes Myriad Patents SCOTUS

IP Strategies: An Offensive and Defensive Approach

Companies, both big and small, take a variety of approaches when it comes to protecting intellectual property. Some companies focus on product development and marketing with little focus on protecting intellectual assets,...more

4/16/2013 - Intangible Property Marketing Patent Portfolios Portfolio Protections

Take a Proactive Approach to Patents in View of Patent Reform

The U.S. Patent Act defines the circumstances in which the federal government may issue patents. Until recently, our patent laws had not been significantly updated since 1952, the year that patents were issued for the PEZ...more

2/17/2013 - America Invents Act First-to-File First-to-Invent Patent Applications Patent Reform Patents

Is a rounded corner really worth $1 billion?

"So a jury recently decided that Samsung deliberately copied the rounded corners of the iPhone and punished the company with an award to Apple exceeding $1 billion? How is that even possible?"...more


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