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Football Player’s Family Files Lawsuit Against U Cal for Wrongful Death

The family of a college football player who died at a practice session in February has filed suit against the Regents of the University of California, alleging his death could have been avoided but for the negligence of the...more


Does Distracted Driving Play a Significant Role in Car Accident Cases?

In a car accident case, distracted driving is evidence of negligence, and courts assign fault in accident cases based on each party's degree of negligence. Courts also determine the amount of compensation you can recover...more

8/5/2014 - Car Accident Distracted Driving National Highway Safety Administration Negligence

Black Boxes and Their Role in Accident Reconstruction

In addition to being flight recorders, "black boxes" also refer to onboard data recorders used in motor vehicles. A more technical name for a black box is electronic data recorder (EDR)....more

7/22/2014 - Trucking Accident Trucking Industry

Dangerous Ride: Graco Car Seat Recall

For young children, car seats can be lifesavers. A recent recall of Graco car seats raises the question of whether car restraints can cause death. In 2012, the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) of the National Highway...more

5/7/2014 - Car Seats Graco NHTSA Product Recalls

Trouble at the Start: GM Recalls Defective Cars

In a move that was too little, too late, General Motors (GM) has recalled millions of cars with potentially life-threatening mechanical defects. In February, GM recalled more than a million cars for a defective ignition...more

5/5/2014 - Automobile Recall General Motors NHTSA

Heads Up: The Danger of Brain Injury on the Playing Field

In autumn of 2013, the National Football League (NFL) settled a lawsuit brought by retired players for $765 million. In the suit, the players allege the NFL had knowledge of the dangers of suffering repetitive concussion and...more

4/22/2014 - Athletes Bodily Injury NFL Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Importance of Expert Consultations in Personal Injury Cases

The legal process requires injured plaintiffs to prove their damages within a certain degree of certainty. This means that juries cannot simply pick a number they think is fair. It also means they cannot simply guess what...more

4/18/2014 - Bodily Injury Expert Testimony

Getting Compensation When Injured by an Uninsured Driver

In a tough economy, uninsured and underinsured drivers are more common than ever. While the risk of driving uninsured is well-publicized, the real risk lies with those who are injured by drivers who carry minimum coverage or...more

4/15/2014 - Auto Insurance Car Accident Uninsured and Under-Insured Motorists

Dealing with Insurance Companies After an Accident

With the flurry of activity that comes after a serious auto accident, it can be easy for an injury victim not to give a second thought when an involved insurance company calls asking for a statement or other information....more

4/4/2014 - Car Accident

Why Fighting a Ticket May Be Important After an Accident

Many people assume that the time and effort required to fight a traffic ticket is simply not worth it. However, if you received a traffic ticket or other citation as a result of your involvement in a vehicle accident, the...more


Why Fighting a Ticket May Be Important After an Accident

Many people assume that the time and effort required to fight a traffic ticket is simply not worth it. However, if you received a traffic ticket or other citation as a result of your involvement in a vehicle accident, the...more

3/28/2014 - Car Accident

Protecting Your Rights after a Slip-and-Fall Injury on Public Premises in California

Getting the attention of a store employee when you need help finding a product can sometimes be difficult, but if you fall on the premises, you typically get instant access to store management. These individuals naturally...more

3/19/2014 - Bodily Injury Slip and Fall

Your Smart Phone Can Help You Handle Auto Accidents Properly

Even for seasoned drivers, the time after an auto accident can be frustrating and confusing, involving numerous individuals such as police, emergency workers, or even angry drivers at the scene. You have certain basic...more

2/25/2014 - Car Accident Mobile Devices

Understanding Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Even in cases where fault and liability are clear, the amount of damages is still a frequent point of contention. Damages are not, in most cases, calculated based on the egregiousness of the negligent conduct that led to your...more

2/4/2014 - Bodily Injury Damages

Finding All the Responsible Parties When You Are Injured

Figuring out who is responsible is such a basic part of personal injury litigation that it often does not receive the attention it deserves. However, experienced attorneys know that this can be a nuanced issue that has a huge...more

1/31/2014 - Bodily Injury

Special Issues to Consider in Truck Accident Cases

For attorneys, no vehicle accident is ever completely straightforward, but accidents involving large commercial vehicles raise a number of special and complicated issues. Getting justice for injured clients in these cases...more

1/28/2014 - Trucking Accident Trucking Industry

What Is UM and UIM Insurance and Why Does It Matter to You?

Auto insurance is not a riveting subject, and most people don’t pay much attention to it beyond the basics. You know that the law requires you to carry automobile insurance and that it protects you from liability in case you...more

1/21/2014 - Auto Insurance Uninsured and Under-Insured Motorists

What to Do When a Loved One Is Killed in an Accident

Confronting the death of a loved one is never easy, and when that death was unexpected and avoidable, it becomes all the more difficult. In addition to the emotional trauma, spouses, children and other dependents often wonder...more

1/14/2014 - Survivorship Wrongful Death

Things to Look for After a Slip and Fall Accident

Property owners and tenants who invite people onto their premises have a significant responsibility to keep their property safe and free of hazards. When an injury occurs, sometimes the hazard that caused it is quite obvious....more

1/7/2014 - Slip and Fall

What if You Were Partially at Fault for Your Accident?

Everyone makes mistakes, especially on the road. However, many injured motorists incorrectly believe that if their own negligence contributed to their injuries in any way, they are wholly unable to recover legal compensation....more

12/27/2013 - Car Accident Comparative Negligence Contributory Negligence Motor Vehicles Negligence

Keeping Track of Your Injuries

Anyone who has been seriously injured in an accident knows how jarring it can be in an already busy life. If you suffered an injury and are interested in pursuing legal action, there are several things you should start doing...more

12/20/2013 - Damages Medical Expenses

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