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After DOMA: Impacts on Tax and Benefits Planning

What Federal benefits should be afforded to same-sex spouses as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision? The Supreme Court’s rulings in United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry will have far-reaching legal...more

6/29/2013 - COBRA Discrimination DOMA Employee Benefits Equal Protection Estate Planning Estate Tax Gift Tax Health Insurance Hollingsworth v Perry Income Taxes Proposition 8 Retirement Plan Same-Sex Marriage SCOTUS Sexual Orientation Discrimination Standing Tax Benefits US v Windsor

Limited Relief for Employers under Health Care Reform's "Play-or-Pay" Rules

Proposed regulations issued by the Internal Revenue Service on December 28, 2012 provide some relief to large employers subject to the employer-sponsored coverage mandate under health care reform. The employer mandate is...more

1/4/2013 - Affordable Care Act Employer Group Health Plans Full-Time Employees Health Insurance Healthcare Pay or Play Safe Harbors Shared Responsibility Rule

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