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Federal and State Governments Position Patent Trolls in their Crosshairs

The number of patents filed in recent years has increased with the proliferation of complex products containing thousands of components. So too has the incidence of lawsuits or threats of suit....more

7/4/2013 - Bad Faith FTC Non-Practicing Entities Patent Assertion Entities Patent Infringement Patent Portfolios Patent Trolls Patents

Supreme Court, in FTC v. Actavis, rejects the “scope of the patent” test, holding that antitrust law’s “rule of reason” analysis...

Patent rights and antitrust law contain inherently antagonistic policies: While antitrust law is aimed at preventing monopolies and promoting competition, patent law explicitly rewards inventors with a time-limited right to...more

7/4/2013 - Actavis Inc. Antitrust Litigation FTC FTC v Actavis Generic Drugs Patents Pharmaceutical Prescription Drugs Reverse Payment Settlement Agreements Rule-of-Reason Analysis SCOTUS

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