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What is a teaming arrangement?

A teaming arrangement is a form of business arrangement that involves two or more companies coming together and combining resources for a specific purpose. Companies sometimes utilize teaming arrangements when bidding for...more

5/30/2014 - Contractors Federal Contractors SBA Small Business Teaming Agreements

Can a joint venture be certified as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) in the State of Maryland?

No. A joint venture is an association of a DBE firm and one or more firms to carry out a single, for-profit business enterprise for which the parties combine their property, capital, skills and knowledge. Because a joint...more

8/6/2013 - Certifications DBE Program Joint Venture

What is a joint venture and how is it counted towards minority business enterprise (“MBE”) participation goals in Baltimore City?

Under the Baltimore City Code, a joint venture is an association between at least two business enterprises that provides for the sharing of economic interest. Generally, the joint venture is entered into for mutual benefit...more

7/8/2013 - Contracting Procedures Joint Venture Minority Business Enterprise Program Minority-Owned Businesses

What rights of appeal does a minority-owned business have in the event it is decertified as a minority business enterprise (“MBE”)...

To be certified as an MBE in Baltimore City, the business must be independent; at least 51% minority owned; been minority-owned for at least 12 months and been in operation for at least 12 months. The minority owner must...more

6/1/2013 - Contracting Procedures Decertify Minority Business Enterprise Program Minority-Owned Businesses

What is the personal net worth statement for purposes of eligibility for certification as a disadvantaged business enterprise...

A business seeking certification as a DBE in the State of Maryland must apply to Maryland Department of Transportation’s Office of Minority Business Enterprise. Firms certified as DBEs may participate on U.S. Department of...more

3/6/2013 - Certifications Contracting Procedures DBE Program Department of Transportation Statements of Net Worth

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