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Strategic Ouster of Hotel Operators: If You Can't Stop It, Discourage It

Do owners and operators drive the legal structure of hotel management agreements? They should, but some courts have concluded that principles of agency trump the bargain struck by sophisticated, well-represented parties that...more

9/12/2012 - Hotel Management Agreements Hotels Ouster

Hotel Management Agreement Dispute Resolution: A Critical Design Challenge

It's a given that hotel owners and operators will have disputes. Some of those disputes, such as the annual budget, are easily susceptible to resolution, while others may result in the termination of the management agreement...more

8/15/2012 - Arbitration Hotels Mediation

Hotel Owner/Operator Disputes: To Mediate or Not to Mediate

That is the question. The answer is really more about how to mediate, rather than whether to mediate. It’s also about when to mediate...more

7/17/2012 - Hotels Mediation

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