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Washington Energy Update - November 2013

In This Issue: - Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Treaties: Opportunities and Challenges for LNG Exports - Suit Against Chinese Solar Firms Seeks Nearly US$1 Billion in Damages - Major Energy Bills Get Started in...more

11/23/2013 - Carbon Emissions China Damages DOE EPA Exports FERC Fracking Free Trade Agreement International Treaties IRS Liquid Natural Gas NAFTA Nuclear Power Pipelines Preemption Price-Fixing Production Tax Credit Shale Gas Solar Energy Solar Panels Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Washington Energy Update - August/September 2013

In This Issue: - DOE Announces Fourth Authorization for LNG Exports to Non-FTA Nations. Does This Mean Full Steam Ahead? - FERC Addresses ISO-NE Capacity Supply Obligations, Walks a Fine Line Between Generator...more

10/2/2013 - Begun Construction Test Carbon Emissions Coal Industry DOE Energy Tax Incentives EPA FERC Free Trade Agreement IRS Liquid Natural Gas Power Plants Production Tax Credit

Washington Energy Update - June/July 2013

In This Issue: - Bipartisan Bill Seeks Short and Long-Term Solutions for Nuclear Waste Storage - President Announces Regulatory Approach to Reduce Carbon Emissions - FERC Extends Refund Obligations to...more

8/2/2013 - Energy Energy Policy FERC Nuclear Power Oil & Gas Utilities Sector Waste

Washington Energy Update - April/May 2013

In This Issue: - DOE Begins to Authorize Pending LNG Export Applications — Cautiously - Senators Want to Extend Master Limited Partnerships to Renewables - FERC Takes on Formula Rate Protocols - Energy...more

5/31/2013 - DOE Exports Federal Budget FERC Limited Partnerships Liquid Natural Gas Renewable Energy Tax Credits Tax Reform

Washington Energy Update - February/March 2013

In This Issue: - Energy Highlights - Just the Facts: FERC Dismisses Third-Party Complaint of Alleged Reliability Standards Violations Due to an Insufficient Evidentiary Record - FERC Holds a Firm Line on...more

3/27/2013 - FERC Mitigation

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