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Arizona Bankruptcy or Divorce – Which Comes First?

The number one stress factor cited in a majority of marriages is money. So it should come as no surprise that many divorces are either preceded by a bankruptcy or that one follows soon thereafter....more

7/25/2013 - Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy Divorce Marital Assets Marriage

Bankruptcy Before Retirement: Why it Sometimes Makes Sense

A 52-year-old man had endured two divorces that left him essentially broke. He was left with no retirement savings, high debt, a low salary and no greater career prospects. In cases like this, filing for an Arizona...more

7/23/2013 - Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy Debt Divorce Retirement Plan

New Streamlined Loan Modification Program #LoanModAttorney

If you have a mortgage insured by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and you have been thinking about modifying your loan, there may good news for you! Previous modification programs have not worked well or failed miserably. However,...more

7/9/2013 - Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac Loan Modifications Mortgages Property Owners

I Bought a Tax Lien Certificate – When Can I Foreclose? #Foreclosure

If you pay your property taxes through your monthly mortgage payment, you probably are not concerned about delinquent property taxes. Your mortgage lender pays those taxes directly when they come due. ...more

6/26/2013 - Foreclosure Mortgages Property Owners Property Tax Tax Liens

Employers and Regulatory Compliance

Making sure your business complies with federal and state acts can protect your company from legal problems. Even the most careful employer can fail to fulfill their legally required obligations to care for their employees...more

4/26/2013 - Compliance Employer Liability Issues

New Loan Modification Program Announced! #LoanModAttorney

The Federal Housing Finance Agency, the agency that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is launching a new loan modification program. The program is something quite different from HAMP and HARP. What is does is make the...more

4/17/2013 - Delinquent Borrowers Fannie Mae Freddie Mac HAMP Loan Modifications Mortgage Servicers

Are You Thinking About Filing Bankruptcy? Call Me Before You File Your Taxes! #bankruptcy

Are you expecting a tax refund this year? You need to read this first! ...more

2/14/2013 - Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Tax Refunds

The Short Sale: Is It Really An Alternative to Bankruptcy? #BankruptcyLawyer

Since the National Mortgage Settlement was approved in February, 2012, some banks are making a concerted effort to modify mortgages. But what if your lender rejects your application, claiming you don’t qualify for a...more

11/28/2012 - Foreclosure National Mortgage Settlement Short Sales

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