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Suing to the Oldies

I’m listening to my Classic Rock station on Pandora, and Keith Richards’ timeless guitar licks begin to blast from my laptop speakers. I instinctively pick up my air guitar and start to wail. Mick comes in: “I. Can’t. Get....more

8/15/2014 - Copyright Music Music Industry Pandora

Digital Privacy’s New Age: Supreme Court Turns off Google’s Radio After Holding That We Are Our Cell Phones

In another installment of “Google does WHAT?!?,” the Supreme Court on June 30 rejected the Silicon Valley giant’s bid to stop a lawsuit accusing the search company of wiretapping. You read that right. Wiretapping....more

7/14/2014 - Cell Phones Class Action Google Popular Privacy Concerns Search Engines StreetView Wifi Wiretapping

Did “Raging Bull” Punch Led Zeppelin and Send Spirit Toward Stairway to Heaven?

More than 40 years after releasing what many music aficionados consider to be the greatest classic rock song ever written, Led Zeppelin faces a lawsuit alleging that it was written (in part) by someone else. At issue is the...more

7/3/2014 - Affirmative Defense Copyright Copyright Infringement Laches Petrella v. MGM

Beyond Disparaging: Five Important Clarifications Regarding Redskins Trademark Decision

Over the past year, debate regarding whether the National Football League’s Washington, D.C. franchise should continue to call itself the Redskins has risen to a fever pitch once again. So, naturally, it was big news when, on...more

6/27/2014 - Blackhorse v Pro-Football Disparagement Laches Native American Issues Redskins Registration Trademark Act Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Trademarks USPTO

When It Comes to Net Neutrality, No One’s Neutral

Earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission voted to open for public debate new rules designed to guarantee an open internet. The FCC’s Democratic chairman boldly proclaimed: “This agency supports an Open...more

6/19/2014 - FCC Internet Internet Service Providers Net Neutrality Telecommunications

Rumors of the Patent Troll’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Supreme Court’s recent decision in Octane Fitness v. ICON has been hailed by patent reform advocates and some commentators as a death blow to so-called “patent trolls,” patent owners who enforce patent rights despite not...more

6/6/2014 - Octane Fitness v. ICON Patent Litigation Patent Reform Patent Trolls Patents Popular SCOTUS

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