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Interview With Employee Retention Expert Dick Finnegan

Best-selling author and CEO of C-Suite Analytics, Dick Finnegan has been cited by Businessweek, Chief Executive magazine, and Consulting magazine as the leading thinker on employee retention. I had a chance to query him on a...more

5/16/2013 - Employee Retention Hiring & Firing Human Resources Professionals

Compliance Cop to Compliance Coach

In the previous two posts of this three-part series, I discussed the often hidden but real cost of continuing to employ problematic employees, and why this problem is so widespread. In this post, I’ll talk about how HR can...more

5/2/2013 - Compliance Hiring & Firing Human Resources Professionals Termination

The Ice Beneath the Waves

Workplace claims have a lot in common with icebergs. Once an employee sues, the cost becomes visible—legal fees, litigation expenses, settlement payments, etc. Yet as with their icy cousins, you may be glimpsing only the tip,...more

3/14/2013 - Hiring & Firing Human Resources Professionals Termination

Moving Employees Up The Engagement Scale

Using the definitions in my last post, where are your employees on the “transactional-to-engagement scale” on a scale of 1 to 100? Assume 1 represents a completely self-absorbed employee (think Jack Nicholson in The Shining)...more

7/30/2012 - Hiring & Firing

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