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Social Security Income and its Impact on Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection

Many social security income (SSI) recipients question whether or not their monthly SSI will keep them from being able to file for Ch. 7 bankruptcy. The answer, as with most bankruptcy filings, will depend on each specific...more

3/20/2014 - Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy Social Security Social Security Benefits

Georgia Wage Garnishment Laws

Just about everyone would agree that declaring bankruptcy is a difficult decision. That is why many people struggling with debt continue to hold out even after all their other alternatives have been exhausted. Facing wage...more

2/14/2014 - Consumer Bankruptcy Dischargeable Debts Wage Garnishment

Things to Avoid When Contemplating Bankruptcy

Just jumping into bankruptcy without preparing ahead of time can deprive you of many of the benefits that the process has to offer. There are also certain actions that must be approached cautiously so you don’t harm your...more

2/10/2014 - Consumer Bankruptcy

Common Causes of Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy can become necessary for a variety of reasons. People who have not gone through it often wrongfully assume that bankruptcy is always the result of overspending and financial mismanagement. However, the...more

2/7/2014 - Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy

Tips for Avoiding Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not always avoidable. Many people find themselves facing financial uncertainty because of unexpected events that were completely beyond their control. However, in other cases, bankruptcy can be the culmination...more

2/4/2014 - Consumer Bankruptcy

Specialized Forms of Bankruptcy in Georgia

The three most common types of bankruptcy — Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 — account for nearly all business and personal bankruptcy filings in Georgia and the rest of the United States. There are also several other...more

1/30/2014 - Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Commercial Bankruptcy Consumer Bankruptcy Municipal Bankruptcy

What if Your Income Is Too High for Chapter 7 but Your Debt Is Too High for Chapter 13?

For individual debtors, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the most common personal bankruptcy filings in Georgia and likely in every other state as well. Both types have certain eligibility requirements, and in some cases, people...more

1/27/2014 - Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy

How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Business?

Jeff Field & Associates focuses primarily on personal bankruptcy, but there can be some overlap between personal and business bankruptcy. If your business is established as a limited liability company under Georgia...more

1/24/2014 - Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Commercial Bankruptcy Consumer Bankruptcy Limited Liability Companies LLC

What Does a Bankruptcy Petition Include?

The official document that marks the commencement of a bankruptcy proceeding in court is called a petition. This form, coupled with appropriate exhibits and schedules, is intended to give the court the information it needs to...more

1/20/2014 - Consumer Bankruptcy

Using the Possibility of Bankruptcy to Negotiate with Creditors

People struggling with debt often too easily discount the possibility of negotiating with their creditors. To them, the bargaining power seems so unequal that they cannot comprehend why their creditors would ever be willing...more

1/17/2014 - Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy Creditors Negotiations

What Role Do Creditors Play?

There are a lot of things you and your bankruptcy attorney can do to help the process move as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, however, not everything is within your control. Depending on the type of bankruptcy relief you...more

1/14/2014 - Bankruptcy Plans Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy Creditors Meeting of Creditors

What Happens When You File for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy has several immediate effects that can provide tremendous relief to people and businesses struggling with bills and debt collectors. However, while these are an important part of bankruptcy, the effects...more

1/10/2014 - Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy Mortgages

Life After Bankruptcy

Even though the formal bankruptcy process may end fairly quickly, the process of rebuilding your credit and restoring your financial life is a continuing commitment. Fear of credit damage is usually not a good reason to write...more

1/6/2014 - Consumer Bankruptcy FCRA

What Is the Means Test in Georgia?

The vast majority of Georgians only consider bankruptcy as an absolute last resort to resolve financial trouble. Unfortunately, however, there are people in our state and throughout the country who would use and abuse this...more

1/3/2014 - Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy Means Test

How Long Does Bankruptcy Take?

One of the first things people often ask is how long the bankruptcy process takes. This is a major concern. Many people have the impression that it is a very lengthy process based on the character of the legal system in...more

12/30/2013 - Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy

Georgia Bankruptcy Statistics

One of the biggest reasons people struggling with debt hesitate to consider bankruptcy is the shame and stigma they perceive is attached to it. However, you should not be ashamed about filing for bankruptcy. It can happen to...more

12/26/2013 - Consumer Bankruptcy

When Bankruptcy Might Not Be the Best Option

Bankruptcy is not appropriate for every financial situation. Moreover, not every type of bankruptcy works for every type of debt. ...more

12/24/2013 - Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Alternatives

For a large number of people, bankruptcy is the best and only alternative for getting out of debt once their financial situations have passed the point of no return. However, for many in Georgia, their financial conditions...more

12/20/2013 - Chapter 13 Consumer Bankruptcy Debt Debt Consolidation Loan Modifications

Preparing for Bankruptcy in Georgia

Filing for bankruptcy should never be a snap decision. There are several things you should do and several things you must do before taking this major step. Filing for bankruptcy without sound advice and proper planning at...more

12/19/2013 - Consumer Bankruptcy

Georgia Bankruptcy Exemptions You Need to Know

Although bankruptcy follows federal legal guidelines for the most part, certain aspects differ based on state laws. In Georgia, for example, state law dictates that certain items are considered exempt property. These...more

12/2/2013 - Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy

Budgeting for Senior Citizens

The post-retirement years are supposed to be the “golden years” for senior citizens. This is sadly no longer the case for far too many older Americans who find themselves struggling to live on fixed incomes. Many have had to...more

11/25/2013 - Elder Issues

Five Tips for Avoiding a Money Pit

Some good news — finally — when it comes to the housing market in the Atlanta area: If you want to sell your house, now might be the time. Why? Because median list prices for homes are on the rise....more

11/18/2013 - Housing Market Real Estate Market

Shopaholicism — A Condition That Can Cost You Everything

Although many may scoff, compulsive shopping, or shopaholicism, is a genuine addiction, just like alcoholism or drug addiction. And like these conditions, it can cost you emotionally, mentally and financially....more

11/14/2013 - Consumer Bankruptcy Debt

There is Life After Debt

One of the reasons so many people find themselves drowning in debt, feeling helpless and as though they’ll never get out from under is that they resist pursuing bankruptcy far longer than they should. There is a stigma...more

11/11/2013 - Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy

Identity Theft in Georgia

Identify theft remains a very real threat in 2013, so much so that Georgia has made it a felony offense (Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 6-9-121). If you don’t want your good name and reputation sullied by the...more

11/7/2013 - Identity Theft

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