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USPTO and "Telegate"

By now, we've all heard of the controversy regarding the lax oversight at the USPTO of examiners in the Office's Telework Program--what I'll unofficially dub as "Telegate." Now, the House Oversight and Government Reform...more

8/25/2014 - Congressional Investigations & Hearings Fraud Telecommuting USPTO

An Exchange with Michael Risch: Do the Facts Matter in Patent Eligibility?

In my recent analysis of the Alice decision, I wrote the following: In Benson, the Court believed (wrongly it turned about, but that’s beside the point) that the claims covered the basic algorithm for converting...more

7/7/2014 - CLS Bank v Alice Corp Mayo v. Prometheus Patent-Eligible Subject Matter Patents Section 101 Software

Ultramercial back to Federal Circuit. Accenture & Bancorp done

On the final day of its 2013 term, the Supreme Court issued some interesting orders in Section 101 cases dealing with computer-implemented business methods. First, in WildTangent, Inc. v. Ultramercial, LLC (13-255),...more

7/3/2014 - Certiorari CLS Bank v Alice Corp Mayo v. Prometheus Patent-Eligible Subject Matter SCOTUS WildTangent v Ultramercial

Alice v. CLS: More Questions Than Answers

Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank is out and the result is not unexpected: 1) Alice's patents for computer-implemented methods and systems for financial risk intermediation are invalid. 2) The patents claim abstract idea,...more

6/20/2014 - Alice Corporation CLS Bank CLS Bank v Alice Corp Mayo v. Prometheus Patent Litigation Patent-Eligible Subject Matter Patents Risk Mitigation SCOTUS Software

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