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Tax Court: Storage Not a “Small Business”

The small business deduction (“SBD”) is a tax-preference provided to certain privately-held Canadian corporations, and only in respect of certain types of income. More specifically, the SBD provides for a reduction of the...more

10/20/2014 - Canada Income Tax Act Income Taxes Tax Liability

1057513 Ontario Inc.: The Clear Meaning of Subsection 129(1)

At the heart of tax integration in Canada is the refundable tax and dividend refund mechanism in subsection 129(1) of the Income Tax Act (the “Act”). Generally, to avoid undue deferral of tax on investment income...more

10/7/2014 - Canada Income Tax Act Income Taxes Tax Reform

Marzen: Tax Court Upholds Transfer Pricing Adjustments

The decision of the Tax Court of Canada in Marzen Artistic Aluminum Ltd. v. The Queen (2014 TCC 194) is the latest addition to a growing body of Canadian judgments on the application of the transfer pricing rules in section...more

6/18/2014 - Income Tax Act Tax Court Transfer Pricing

Spruce Credit: Avoidance transactions and the Duke of Westminster

In Spruce Credit Union v. The Queen (2014 FCA 143) the Federal Court of Appeal upheld the lower court’s interpretation and application of the inter-corporate dividend deduction under subsection 112(1) of the Income Tax Act...more

6/13/2014 - Appeals Canada CRA Credit Unions Dividends GAAR Income Tax Act Tax Avoidance Tax Court Tax Deductions

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