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Bruce Levenson Takeaways, Plus 5 History Lessons To Add “Oomph” To Your Business Ethics Training

It’s amazing to me that we’ve made it to 2014 and we’re still hearing widespread reports of racism and race-based harassment and discrimination. In 2013, the EEOC received 8,519 race-based harassment and discrimination...more

9/17/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Discrimination EEOC Ethics Harassment Training

Grandmothers Of The World Unite To Create Congress’ Discrimination And Harassment Training

You think I’m joking? I’m not joking. Have you heard about the harassment and discrimination that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has been subjected to by fellow members of the Senate? While working out at the...more

9/10/2014 - Discrimination Harassment Training

Uber, Lyft Stop The Childish Shenanigans – Go Sit In Time Out And Reflect On Your Code Of Ethics Training

I initially planned to start this blog with a gung-ho confession and killer title – “Uber: Master Strategizer Or Master Espionage Artist?! Code Of Ethics Training Needed To Save The Day!” Super exciting, right? It just has an...more

8/29/2014 - Ethics Lyft Uber Unfair Competition

Fact Or Fiction: Harassment Stories You Won’t Believe And How Sexual Harassment Training Can Keep You Out Of The Tabloids

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the stories of harassment that come across my desk. Today I read the story of Pavel Curda and Gesche Haas. While attending a networking event for investors and startups in Berlin last month,...more

8/27/2014 - Compliance Employer Liability Issues Harassment Sexual Harassment Training

My “Momma Bear” Is Coming Out: Cyber Bullies Prove Social Media Training Needs An Anti-Harassment Element

More than 50% of teens have experienced cyber bullying. Parents have historically looked to their children’s schools and local government to address the issue, but what about the social media sites which contribute to the...more

8/25/2014 - Anti-Harassment Policies Cyberbullying Employer Liability Issues Facebook MySpace Social Media Social Networks Training Twitter

Harassment Training 101: The 11 Most Common Mistakes Made by Sexual Harassment Victims

I recently read an article in the New York Times by female science writer Christie Aschwanden. At the beginning of the article she recants her first experience as an undergraduate biology major doing field work in Costa Rica....more

8/21/2014 - Compliance Harassment Sexual Harassment

Civil War Era Is ‘Gone With The Wind’ Causing Companies To Question Need For FCA, Whistleblower Hotline Providers…

The Civil War era is my favorite part of American history. Every summer, my father would take my sister and me on “educational” vacations and when I was nine we went to Gettysburg. I’m not altogether sure if it’s the...more

8/14/2014 - Compliance DOJ Employer Liability Issues FCA Hotlines Whistleblower Hotlines Whistleblowers

From Russia With Love: ‘Do svidaniya’ Peace Of Mind, Hello Information Security Training

So, this is rather embarrassing to admit, but I am one of those people that knows exactly what to do when your personal information is stolen. It’s not embarrassing that I know what to do. It’s embarrassing why I know what to...more

8/11/2014 - Cybersecurity Data Breach FTC Hackers Identity Theft Personally Identifiable Information Russia

NBA Scores Hit With Music Video Fan Code of Conduct – Why Not Apply The Same Concept To Business Ethics Training?

I haven’t been to an Atlanta Hawk’s basketball game this season, but apparently they are heating it up with their video fan Codes of Conduct. In November, the Hawks released a video Code of Conduct, modifying Robin Thicke’s...more

8/7/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Code of Conduct Employer Liability Issues Ethics NBA Training Video Recordings

Compliance Officers Need To Think Like The FBI: Edmond Post Office Massacre Signals Need For Preventative Workplace Violence...

Nearly 20 years ago the actions of a troubled Edmond, Oklahoma post office employee shocked the world and made us all realize that workplace violence is a real threat, requiring a strategic plan and preventative workplace...more

8/6/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Mass Shootings Workplace Violence

Homicide Is The #1 Killer Of Women At Work – Do Your Part To Lower The Statistic With Workplace Violence Training

When I was 18 years old I was in an abusive relationship. I think part of it was being young and not looking for or knowing the warning signs of a dangerous person and part of it was probably just bad luck. I could go into a...more

7/31/2014 - Best Management Practices Employer Liability Issues Training Workplace Hazards Workplace Violence

Career Moments Are On The Rise, Mitigate Your Risk With Compliance Training

Have you ever heard of a “career moment”? A career moment is defined as a moment in an employee’s career that represents some form of major change. Last week we hosted two regional events, one in Chicago and one in...more

7/30/2014 - Best Management Practices Chief Compliance Officers Employer Liability Issues Job Descriptions Layoffs Leadership Restructuring Risk Assessment Risk Management Training

If Tinder Had A Corporate Compliance Training Program, CMO Might Still Be Dateable

The sudden onslaught of high profile sexual harassment and gender discrimination cases that are surfacing has me quoting a line from one of my favorite movies; “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”. First, American Apparel,...more

7/11/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Gender Discrimination Harassment Sexual Harassment Tinder

The Final 6 Psychological Phenomena Undermining Your Compliance Training

Perhaps due to one of the aforementioned psychological reasons good people do bad things, someone has already behaved in an unethical manner. The induction mechanism postulates that the more people behave badly, the less they...more

6/26/2014 - Best Management Practices Chief Compliance Officers Employer Liability Issues Ethics

7 Psychological Insights That Will Increase the Effectiveness of Your Code of Ethics Training

The Free-Rider Problem occurs when people perceive their actions to have a limited impact. From an ethics and compliance standpoint this could be something like insider trading. Consider for a minute that you work for a large...more

6/16/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Corporate Culture Employer Liability Issues Employment Policies Ethics Training

7 Behaviors That Are Destroying Your Compliance Training

This is part two in a four part blog series on the psychology behind bad behavior. In this blog I will cover reasons 8-14 that good people do bad things and how we can use this information to modify compliance training. Stay...more

6/4/2014 - Chief Compliance Officers Compliance Training

27 Lies Your Business Ethics Training Needs to Address: Analyzing the First Seven

When I was still in elementary school my mother had a bumper sticker made for her car that said “Pobody’s Nerfect.” She told my sister and I that she knew she wasn’t a perfect driver – ie. she might “accidentally speed” or...more

5/22/2014 - Best Management Practices Employment Policies Ethics Training

How to Reduce Brand Disasters, While Building Brand Ambassadors: Social Media Compliance Training

Seventy-seven percent of companies have acquired customers through Facebook, 43% have gained customers through LinkedIn, and 34% have generated leads through Twitter. Most companies have been leveraging social media as a...more

5/15/2014 - Brand Compliance Social Media Training

Employment Litigation Up 400%! Are You Sure Your Code of Ethics Training is Effective?

According to the US Department of Labor employment litigation has increased by over 400% in the last two decades. Federal and state discrimination laws have expanded, giving employees more opportunities to challenge...more

4/17/2014 - Discrimination DOL Employer Liability Issues Employment Policies Ethics Job Descriptions Zero Tolerance Policies

How to Solve 100% of Your 2014 Policy Management Initiatives with Policy and Procedure Software

Each month when we send out our newsletter we include in it a compliance poll. The poll gives us insights into trends in the compliance industry that help us provide better products such as policy and procedure software,...more


Survey Reveals Social Media Training Top Compliance Priority

In The Network’s online survey last month, we asked you which compliance initiatives you would consider a priority in 2014. While there are many compliance issues at hand – code of conduct refresh, social media compliance,...more

1/29/2014 - Anti-Corruption Compliance FCPA Social Media Policy Training

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