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EB-5 Visas and China “Retrogression” – What’s it all about?

In the past, when China exceeded its 7% allocation of US Immigrant Investor Visas (EB-5 visas), Chinese applicants were permitted to take advantage of unused EB-5 visas allotted to other countries. But as of the last week of...more

9/18/2014 - China Commercial Real Estate Market Corporate Counsel EB-5 Financing Hospitality Industry Hotels Popular Real Estate Development Retrogression USCIS

Asians want to live, buy homes and invest in Orange County

Asians love California, particularly Southern California! They love it as a place to live, buy homes, invest, go to school, and run their businesses. In June, we talked about the close affinity between China and Los Angeles...more

8/26/2014 - Market Research

Frequently Asked Questions about EB-5 project financing for new hotel development

Why is there so much buzz about EB-5 financing? In the last five years, EB-5 financing has become extremely popular in development circles and is being widely used by mainstream, institutional players including...more

8/18/2014 - EB-5 Funding Hilton Hospitality Industry Hotels Marriott

Hotel development & EB-5 financing: Why you don’t want to form your own regional center

How should hotel developers go after EB-5 financing? Although the EB-5 immigrant visa program has been around since 1990, the current trend of using this as a source of financing for hotel development began only three...more

8/7/2014 - EB-5 Financing Foreign Nationals Hospitality Industry Hotels Real Estate Development USCIS

How to win the race for EB-5 capital: Obtaining “preferred” status for developers and projects

What does it mean to establish “preferred” status? What does it take? The preferred status of a developer and project with respect to EB-5 financing has certain elements are more or less inherent in the project and...more

8/6/2014 - EB-5 Financing Real Estate Development Real Estate Investments

The 5 questions every hotel developer is asking about EB-5 financing

In seeking to access EB-5 financing, our developer clients have asked a lot of questions, but most of them can really be summed up in the following 5 questions: 1. Will EB-5 work for me on my project? 2. How much...more

8/6/2014 - EB-5 Hospitality Industry Hotels Immigrants USCIS Visas

Hotel Lawyer: What is happening with Chinese real estate companies investing in banks?

Concerns over a real estate bubble in China - For decades, China was referred to as the “sleeping giant.” This reference is to the great potential impact of the country, its vast population, and its economy, but also...more

6/25/2014 - Banks China Hospitality Industry Hotels Real Estate Market

Hotel Lawyer: Growing Together — China and Los Angeles County

The growth of outbound Chinese investment - Earlier this month we posted an article about the surge in Chinese investment as reported by Tiffany Hsu in the Los Angeles Times. See, “China and JMBM’s Chinese Investment...more

6/25/2014 - Hospitality Industry Hotels

China and JMBM’s Chinese Investment Group™ are in the news again!

As the significance of Chinese investment in the US continues its rapid growth, news articles regularly document new details of this major trend. And in today’s Los Angeles Times, Tiffany Hsu provided some interesting facts...more

6/16/2014 - China Foreign Investment

Hotel Lawyer in New York: Mood of the New York hotel conference

2014 NYU Hotel Investment Conference - Last night (Sunday, June 1, 2014), the NYU hotel conference kicked off with its gala grand opening party. With about 2,300 people attending this year, the energy is high and a...more

6/13/2014 - Hospitality Industry Hotels

Lodging Industry Investment Council’s Top 15 Member Quotes

The Lodging Industry Investment Council (LIIC) is the hotel industry “think tank” whose membership includes the hospitality industry’s most influential investors, lenders, corporate real estate executives, REITs, public hotel...more

6/12/2014 - Hospitality Industry Hotels REIT

Buying bad loans and distressed debt in Europe (and Italy)

Some are calling it the “distressed real estate gold rush in Europe.” Others who have been expecting 1990s-style opportunistic investment opportunities for several years, now are seeing a change in European banks’ willingness...more

5/6/2014 - Bad Debt Debt EU

Hotel Lawyer in Los Angeles: Why does it seem like everyone wants to build or buy a hotel in downtown LA? It’s the “Renaissance of...

The coolest new downtown in America - If you haven’t been to what the cognoscenti now call “DTLA” (downtown Los Angeles) for a while, you might not recognize it. Gone are the days the sidewalks were rolled up at 5:00...more

4/23/2014 - Business Development Economic Development Hospitality Industry Hotels Marriott Urban Planning & Development

JMBM's Hotel Developer Forum: LA wants 4,000 new hotel rooms stat!

Hotel Developer Forum in Los Angeles With hotel development beginning to blossom in many national markets where the cost to buy a hotel substantially exceeds the cost to build one, JMBM's hotel lawyers recently held a...more

1/23/2014 - Hospitality Industry Hotels Public-Private Partnerships

EB-5 Alert: U.S. House of Representatives Approves Three-Year Extension of EB-5 Regional Center Program and Sends to President for...

EB-5 Program Regional Centers Have Been Re-authorized until 2015. EB-5 Regional Centers play an important role in raising EB-5 financing for new business development, and there has been some concern among investors and...more

1/17/2014 - EB-5 Immigrants Immigration Reform Investors USCIS Visas

Warning for hotel investors considering golf courses: Golf courses are different! They have different risks and require different...

Hotel investors suddenly seem to be buying or building more golf courses. With the right expectations and circumstances, golf courses can make sense -- particularly as an amenity for hotels, residential development and other...more

12/16/2013 - Golf Courses Hospitality Industry Hotels

ADA Defense lawyer: Pool lift litigation proliferates. Why enterprise-wide compliance is the best solution.

It has been almost a year since the Department of Justice's ADA requirement for fixed or permanent pool lifts in "places of public accommodation" has been in effect. Now a fact (and cost) of doing business in the hospitality...more

11/7/2013 - ADA Hospitality Industry Hotels Public Accommodation Swimming Pools

Robert T. Koger -- Hotel Lawyer with the FBI affidavit that helped put Koger behind bars

The hotel world has been fascinated by the civil litigation and criminal actions swirling around the former President and owner of Molinaro Koger, Robert T. Koger....more

9/19/2013 - Affidavits FBI Hotels White Collar Crimes

NOW is the best time to buy or sell a hotel in many years

The number of hotel transactions is up by more than 50% for the first 6 months of 2013 over the comparable period last year, and is expected to top $18 billion for 2013, according to Jones Lang LaSalle. And HVS reports that...more

9/19/2013 - Commercial Real Estate Market Financing Hotels Interest Rates

Robert T. Koger of Molinaro Koger is arrested and put behind bars. A shocking course of continuing fraudulent conduct is unveiled

Hotel Lawyer with the latest on the arrest and jailing of Rob Koger, formerly of Molinaro Koger. There are some significant new developments in the saga of Robert T. ("Rob") Koger and the high profile civil and criminal cases...more

9/12/2013 - Criminal Prosecution Fraud White Collar Crimes

Abu Dhabi Investment Fund buying 3 Editions from Marriott. What does this mean to Marriott and the Edition brand?

Craig Karmin and Alexandra Berzon of the Wall Street Journal broke a big story yesterday evening which appeared in the August 15, 2013 US edition of the paper at page C3. The headline is "Marriott Close to Deal to Sell Three...more

8/15/2013 - Hotel Management Agreements Hotels Marriott

The Hard Rock Hotel San Diego -- a condo hotel -- did NOT offer "securities" according to new appellate court decision in Salameh...

Hotel Lawyers on "hotel condo" units as securities (or NOT). An important decision on when a condo hotel does NOT involve the sale of a "security" One of the most significant challenges for developers of a condo...more

8/14/2013 - Condominiums Hotels Sales SEC Securities

EB-5 Financing for hotel development: Using guest expenditures to calculate job creation for hotels

USCIS has challenged EB-5 financing for hotel projects that rely on guest expenditures. ...more

6/16/2013 - EB-5 Financing Hotels USCIS

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