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Patent Grace Periods In South East Asia

As South East Asia becomes an increasingly popular patent filing destination, we explore the region’s grace period provisions and their limitations....more

3/19/2014 - Grace Period Patents

Patent Enforcement Round-Up In South East Asia

As patent filings in South East Asia grow, patent enforcement activities will no doubt be on the rise in the region. We round up patent litigation and licensing in South East Asian countries reported in the past year or so....more

1/31/2014 - Asia Enforcement Patent Litigation Pfizer Pharmaceutical Patents Prescription Drugs

South East Asia - Renewal Requirements

The patent terms in the jurisdictions listed below are subject to payment of annual renewal fees, otherwise referred to as maintenance fees or annuities. The patent term in the jurisdictions listed below is 20 years...more

1/15/2014 - Patent Applications Patent Terms Patents Renewal Fees

New Zealand Approves Trans-Tasman Patent Regime

The New Zealand Government has announced approval of a single trans-Tasman patent application and examination regime. Although still some time away from actual implementation, the proposed co-operative regime sets to benefit...more

11/27/2013 - Australia Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Act New Zealand Patents

Introducing … New Zealand’s Patents Act 2013

It has been a long time coming, but New Zealand finally has a new Patents Act. The New Zealand Patents Bill 2008 received its third and final reading in the New Zealand parliament on 28 August 2013 and will soon receive royal...more

9/20/2013 - New Legislation New Zealand Patent Applications Patent-Eligible Subject Matter Patents

Accelerate Your Patent Grant In South East Asia

Cooperation between South East Asian nations has made possible a network of patent prosecution highways across the region since 2009. This article explores how these highways can save you time in pushing your South East Asian...more

9/20/2013 - ASPEC Patent Applications Patents

NZ Clarifies Proposed Ban On Software Patents

The NZ government yesterday released further amendments to tighten the proposed legislation around software patentability. The amendments clarify that while the partial ban on software patents is still on the agenda, it has...more

5/14/2013 - New Legislation Patent-Eligible Subject Matter Patents Proposed Amendments Software

IP Australia Introduces New Search Procedures

As part of the upcoming Raising the Bar legislative changes, IP Australia will introduce two new search procedures and corresponding search fees for complete (i.e. non-provisional) applications for standard patents. While one...more

4/15/2013 - Innovation Patent New Legislation Patents Preliminary Search and Opinion

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