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Australian Patent Office Steps Up To The Challenge On Inventive Step

Traditionally, it has been relatively easy in Australia, compared with the US or Europe, to meet the threshold level of inventiveness needed for an inventive step. However, a recent Federal Court decision has shown that the...more


Will Raising The Bar Changes Affect “Means-Plus-Function” Language In Australia?

The use of means-plus-function language has been a settled matter in Australia – such language allows a feature of an invention to be claimed, broadly, as being all ways to achieve some function or result. An article on this...more

3/5/2013 - Inventions Mean-Plus-Function Patent Applications Patents

A US and Australian comparison of “Means plus function”

Means-plus-function language in patent claims is interpreted very differently in Australia compared to the US. This can lead to vastly different findings with regards to validity and/or infringement. ...more

12/6/2012 - Infringement Means-Plus-Function Patents

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