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Is Wal-Mart Responsible for Tracy Morgan’s Injuries Caused by its Tired Driver?

During the early morning of June 7, comedians Tracy Morgan, James McNair and Ardley Fuqua and passenger Jeffrey Millea were travelling home from a show when a Wal-Mart tractor-trailer plowed into their limo. Mr. Morgan, Mr....more

8/12/2014 - Bodily Injury Trucking Accident Trucking Industry Wal-Mart

Tips for Preserving Evidence After an Auto Accident

Immediately following an accident, make sure you, your passengers and the other driver are safe. If necessary, call for medical attention and take precautions so other motorists do not hit your disabled vehicles....more

7/24/2014 - Bodily Injury Car Accident

Has Codeine Harmed Your Child?

In August 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a boxed warning — its strongest — to alert doctors and parents about the risks of administering codeine to children post-surgery. According to the FDA,...more

7/18/2014 - Codeine FDA Pharmaceutical Prescription Drugs

The Risks at Roadside Construction Zones

Last winter, a construction worker was laying a pipeline on McGinnis Ferry Road in Alpharetta when his coworker accidently ran over him with a backhoe. The worker’s tragic death highlights the dangers of roadside...more

7/15/2014 - Construction Accidents Construction Workers Safety Precautions Workplace Injury

Savannah Settled with Injured Woman for $9.5 Million — City Should Have Known About Damaged Tree

Shanta Greene’s cousin and his young son picked Ms. Greene up from her job as assistant manager at a Wendy’s restaurant in July 2010. As they drove along Bee Road and 42nd Street, a tree limb broke lose and landed on top of...more

7/10/2014 - Bodily Injury Municipalities

What You Should Know Before You Grill — FDA Finds Meat Contaminated With Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS) tracks and assesses the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the nation’s foods and food-producing animals. The government department partners with the...more

6/26/2014 - CDC FDA Food Contamination NARMS USDA

GM Report: Numerous Failures Led to Tragic Results

In early June, independent counsel hired by General Motors (GM) delivered a long-awaited investigative report on the deadly ignition switch defect that devastated lives and families across the United States. As expected, the...more

6/16/2014 - Automobile Recall General Motors NHTSA

The Timeline Following a Workplace Accident

The workers’ compensation process differs from a civil lawsuit to collect damages for third-party liability or other types of personal injury claims. You and your employer are held to strict procedures and timelines governed...more

6/11/2014 - Damages Third-Party Liability Workplace Injury

Georgia’s Child Restraint Laws

A car’s seatbelts and airbags are designed to protect adults, not children, during an accident. Improperly restrained kids risk ejection from the vehicle and serious injuries from airbag deployment. The Governor’s Office of...more

5/30/2014 - Car Accident Safety Precautions

Third Party Liability in a Workplace Accident

In the past, an employer would typically fire a worker who sustained an on-the-job injury, thus leaving the injured worker with no medical care or financial support. Reaching a verdict or settlement in a lawsuit would take...more

5/22/2014 - Third-Party Liability Workplace Injury

What Did G.M. Know About the Deadly Defective Auto Part?

So far, at least 13 deaths have been linked to a defective ignition switch in General Motors vehicles. In response, G.M. has recalled 2.6 million of its cars. However, the manufacturer stops short of recommending drivers park...more

5/13/2014 - Automobile Recall Automotive Industry General Motors Wrongful Death

What You Should Know Before Your First Appointment with a Personal Injury Attorney

The hours and days after you sustain an injury may be fraught with bodily pain and personal anxiety about your future health and finances. Your first step should be to seek appropriate medical attention. Next learn your...more

5/12/2014 - Bodily Injury Damages

The Cereal Coupon That Saves You 50 Cents and Costs You Your Rights

Earlier this year, General Mills added language to its website that stated consumers agreed to give up the right to sue by accepting certain small benefits from the company. According to the quietly introduced terms,...more

5/6/2014 - General Mills Waivers Websites

Hours of Service Laws Protect the Public from Fatigued Truck and Bus Drivers

In March 2011, a Chinatown bus carrying passengers from a casino in Connecticut to Manhattan flipped on its side and slammed at high speed into a highway signpost. The post ripped the bus apart, killing 15 passengers and...more

4/21/2014 - Bus Accidents FMSCA Trucking Accident Trucking Industry

Options for Employees Who Suffer On-the-Job Injuries

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution for recovering compensation after a workplace injury or illness. In fact, an injured worker often has a combination of options. - Workers’ compensation insurance -...more

4/8/2014 - Workplace Injury

Traffic Laws for Your Teen Driver

One of the most exciting days in teenagers’ lives is the day they begin to drive. This rite of passage represents freedom and maturity. For parents, however, stress and concern often accompany this important milestone....more

4/3/2014 - Driver's Licenses

Understanding Personal Injury Class Actions

A class action designation allows a group of plaintiffs to file one lawsuit against the same defendants. When appropriate, the procedural device can give plaintiffs more leverage against corporate defendants and can spread...more

3/31/2014 - Bodily Injury Class Action

Compensation in a Serious Auto Accident Case: Physical Injuries

Debating whether it is worth your time to file a lawsuit after a car accident? Many auto accident victims have been hesitant to seek full compensation for their injuries. Often, they think that the extent of their costs will...more

3/24/2014 - Car Accident

USDA’s New Poultry Production Regulations Put Georgia Workers and the Public at Risk

Georgia is part of the U.S. poultry belt — the area of the country with the greatest concentration of chicken and turkey meat processing plants. Many jobs in the poultry production industry are extremely hazardous. Jobsite...more

3/18/2014 - Food Contamination Food Manufacturers Food Safety USDA

Potentially Liable Parties in a Commercial Truck Accident Lawsuit

Commercial trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. In 2011 alone, there were 273,000 large truck accidents, which caused 60,000 injuries and 3,341 fatalities in the United States. If you or a loved one has...more

2/21/2014 - Trucking Accident

Elder Protections in the Affordable Care Act

Twenty-one employees of a Georgia nursing home specializing in caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease were recently arrested on abuse charges that included using bed sheets as restraints and failing to maintain proper...more

2/14/2014 - Affordable Care Act Elder Abuse Elder Care Nursing Homes Patient Safety

Is a Dangerous Product Lurking in Your Home?

Manufacturers have an obligation to supply products that are safe. Unfortunately, dangerous and defective products often make their way to the market. Just recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a...more

2/4/2014 - Children's Products CPSC

Third Party Liability Claims in Georgia Workplace Accidents

Workplace injuries can result in significant financial concerns, including costly medical bills and significant missed time from work. To help stay afloat while you recover, it is important to explore all potential avenues...more

1/2/2014 - Third-Party Liability Workplace Injury

The Dangers of Negligent Security

If you have been the victim of an assault, rape, robbery or other criminal activity at a hotel, shopping mall, nightclub, parking garage or ATM kiosk, filing criminal charges is not your only option. You may also have a...more

12/24/2013 - Negligence Premises Liability Property Owners Security

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

Following a serious motor vehicle accident, liability car insurance can provide a lifeline. If a negligent driver is responsible for your injuries, their insurance company is obligated to provide compensation for your losses....more

12/19/2013 - Car Accident

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