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NYC Petty Arrests Are on the Rise

In 2011, almost 420,000 adults were arrested for misdemeanor crimes in the state of New York. Misdemeanors are divided into two levels, and can result in up to a year in county jail. Common misdemeanors include shoplifting,...more

8/21/2014 - Crime Statistics Misdemeanors

Minimum Mandatory Gun Sentences May Have More Flexibility Than You Think

The Sandy Hook massacre sparked a massive nationwide debate on gun laws. In New York, this resulted in the enactment of the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 (NY SAFE Act). Under the new gun...more

7/21/2014 - Assault Weapons Ban Criminal Prosecution Firearms New Legislation

Fighting Crime in the 21st Century — on Facebook

With the advent of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, police have a new tool at their disposal to fight crime. Oftentimes, unsavvy criminals expose their guilt with a tweet or a status update. However,...more

7/2/2014 - Facebook Investigations MySpace Social Networks Twitter

The Sad Aftermath of New York’s Rockefeller Drug Sentencing Laws

In a recent edition of National Public Radio’s Prison Time Media Project, a victim of the Rockefeller drugs laws shared his tragic story. In the late 1970s, George Prendes was a young Cuban immigrant facing eviction from his...more

6/23/2014 - Drug Distribution Illegal Drugs

Know Your Rights When You’re Under Arrest

In New York, the police take their duties very seriously — even when it comes to laughter. Long Island resident Robert Schiavelli was chuckling in his living room until police charged him with disturbing the peace....more

6/2/2014 - Arrest

NYC Man Convicted Of Manslaughter After Third Trial

After a mistrial, a conviction and a successful appeal for a new trial, a New York man is behind bars for good. For nearly three decades, a fatal shooting left Atlantic City police puzzled. But in 2002, authorities finally...more

5/22/2014 - Criminal Prosecution Manslaughter

Joseph Tacopina: “Don’t Blame The Jury” For Zimmerman’s Acquittal

The highly publicized trial of George Zimmerman captured the attention of people everywhere. The jury’s decision to acquit sparked outrage among those who believe that the death of Trayvon Martin was a direct result of racial...more

5/21/2014 - Acquittals George Zimmerman Jury Verdicts Trayvon Martin Shooting

The Flip Of A Coin: Alternative Currencies

Deep Web, Bitcoin, Silk Road…together, what might these words mean? Bitcoin is an open-source alternative currency that can often be used without revealing your identity....more

1/3/2014 - Bitcoins Silk Road Virtual Currency

The Problem Of Prescription Drugs In New York

With the Internet System for Tracking Over Prescribing (I-STOP) program, New York hopes to grapple with the problem of addicts and doctor shoppers and reduce the flow of illicit prescription drug use. ...more

12/31/2013 - Doctor Shopping I-STOP Law

Jury Decides Against Wrongful Death Verdict In Jackson Case

I talked earlier about the deposition of the children of Michael Jackson as part of the wrongful death action brought by their maternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson after the death of her son, pop star Michael Jackson. ...more

12/27/2013 - Drug & Alcohol Abuse Michael Jackson Wrongful Death

Justice Department: What About Those Wiretaps?

In July, the Justice Department acknowledged that terrorist suspects must be notified if government surveillance programs produced evidence being used against them. The statement relates to Alam Qazi and Sheheryar Alam Qazi,...more

12/24/2013 - ACLU DOJ Surveillance Wiretapping

Insider Trading Fells SAC

First JPMorgan Chase agrees to accept fault for manipulating the market, then SAC Capital Advisors makes financial history the wrong way — by accepting a record $1 billion fine and agreeing to admit to insider trading...more

12/20/2013 - FBI Fines Hedge Funds Insider Trading SAC Capital

Revolving Doors: Anthony Marshall Out Again

I talked earlier about fiduciary duty and the conviction of Anthony D. Marshall, the son of Brooke Astor, on charges that he breached that duty while handling her financial affairs at the end of her life. In a six-month...more

12/17/2013 - Brooke Astor Elder Abuse Elder Issues Estate Planning Exploitation Fiduciary Duty Financial Crimes Fraud

The Curious Case Concerning Edward Snowden

In June, the United States filed criminal charges against Edward J. Snowden. The charges were expected in light of the disclosure by Mr. Snowden of top secret information about United States and British domestic spying...more

12/13/2013 - Edward Snowden Espionage NSA Russia Surveillance

A Whale Of A Tale: JPMorgan Accepts Fault

In a legal and regulatory scandal once described by JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon as a tempest in a teapot, the bank agreed in October to pay a $100 million fine and admit wrongdoing, which is an unprecedented move the bank...more

12/10/2013 - CFTC Compliance JPMorgan Chase

Predicting The Fraud Risk Of CEOs And CFOs

An interesting new study crossed my desk the other day. Three researchers conducted a study of “off-the-job” behaviors of chief executive officers and chief financial officers at companies subject to fraud claims by the...more

10/15/2013 - Corporate Fraud SEC

Beware: Federal Investigators Can Know Where You Roam In Texas, Louisiana And Mississippi

Recently newsworthy: the competing interests of privacy versus security when it comes to the government’s collection of telephone call data from Verizon and other carriers. A recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for...more


If You Are A New York Homeowner Facing Foreclosure, You May Have Rights To A Court-Mandated Settlement Conference … Even If Your...

If you are one of New York’s many homeowners behind in mortgage payments and have been served with a foreclosure complaint, New York law may offer you an important right — to meet with your lender to try to work out a...more


ACLU V. NYPD: Is It Legal To Single Out Muslims For Surveillance?

The American Civil Liberties Union, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the CLEAR Project of Main Street Legal Services at the CUNY School of Law recently filed a lawsuit against the New York City Police Department. At...more

10/3/2013 - ACLU Muslims NYPD Racial Profiling Religious Discrimination Surveillance

Let’s Make Kendra’s Law Permanent … And Enforce It

In 1999, Kendra Webdale was waiting for an N train at the 23rd Street subway station under Broadway. Suffering from schizophrenia and not taking his medications, Andrew Goldstein pushed Kendra onto the tracks into the path of...more

9/30/2013 - Homicide Kendra's Law Mental Illness Train Accidents Trial Court Orders

If You Bring A Civil RICO Claim Against One Of Our Clients, You’d Better Be Blameless

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, otherwise known as RICO, is a federal law aimed at prosecuting leaders of organizations when they order or assist others in racketeering. A common example is a...more

9/26/2013 - Racketeering RICO

Can You Learn To Organize An Anti-Israel Boycott At Summer Camp In New York?

Apparently a Quaker group thinks so. According to its website, the American Friends Service Committee is “a Quaker organization devoted to service, development, and peace programs throughout the world.”...more

9/23/2013 - Israel/Palestine NYCHRL Political Organizing

Why The George Zimmerman Jury Got It Right

A criminal jury trial is not a popularity contest. In the days following the jury’s decision that George Zimmerman was not guilty of the second-degree murder or manslaughter of Trayvon Martin, the press reported on...more

9/17/2013 - George Zimmerman Jury Verdicts Stand Your Ground Laws Trayvon Martin Shooting

New York City Appellate Division Upholds Dismissal Of Soda Ban

Mayor Bloomberg’s crusade to ban the sale of large-sized sodas and other sugary beverages has come to an end since a New York Appellate Division recently ruled to uphold a lower court ruling blocking legislation proposed by...more

9/16/2013 - Dismissals Michael Bloomberg Soda Bans

Are Facebook And Myspace Posts Really Private?

It may seem like an invasion of privacy, but your Facebook and MySpace comments can be admissible against you in a court of law in New York. Your privacy settings are not particularly relevant to judges who rule on...more

9/10/2013 - Facebook Privacy Laws Reasonable Expectation of Privacy Social Media

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