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Avoiding Holiday Parenting Time Disputes

The holidays are a wonderful time to spend together as a family and make lasting memories for children. Unfortunately, without fail, every holiday season I have clients call me with some sort of urgent parenting time issue....more

12/19/2013 - Child Custody Holidays Parenting Plans

Military Issues in Divorce and Custody Matters

I am incredibly grateful for our armed forces service members, and it has been my privilege, as an Arizona family law attorney, to represent a number of them in family law matters....more

7/17/2013 - Child Custody Divorce Military Service Members Veterans

When talking Child Custody & Parenting Time, Should Your Ex-Spouse’s Significant Other Be around Your Children? #ParentingTime

Like many fans of the Phoenix Suns I was sad to learn a few years ago that our former star player, Steve Nash, was getting a divorce from his wife and the mother of his three kids. Although the Nashes divorced in 2011, their...more

7/2/2013 - Child Care Child Custody Divorce Parental Rights Parenting Time

How to Get through the Heartbreak of a Divorce #DivorceAttorney

Divorce is hard. It is the end of something that usually began with the best intentions and a bright future. For some people it is an emotional relief but for most it brings about a lot of pain. I’ve been cheated on and I’ve...more

2/20/2013 - Divorce

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