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Never Let Them See You Coming—Keys to Setting Up Witnesses Interviews In An Internal Investigation

“So you are the great lawyer I’ve been told about!  But, you are so young!  I was expecting an old lawyer.” With those words, the silver-haired senior-level executive of the customs broker I was investigating for bribery let...more

1/26/2015 - Compliance FCPA Internal Investigations Interviews Mexico Witnesses

The Secret To Starting a Cross-Border Investigation

They come without notice and under the cover of night. They are sometimes in unmarked envelopes or conveyed through whispered phones calls and very often from your very own employees. They are allegations of corruption,...more

10/24/2014 - Bribery Corruption Cross-Border Government Investigations Internal Investigations Mexico

Sovereign Litigation in Latin America: Top Five Issues To Think of When Doing Business With a Latin American Country

“We are in the soup” exclaimed, federal judge Thomas Griesa, referring to Argentina allegedly defaulting on its sovereign bonds. And so we are. According to bondholders, on July 30 of 2014, Argentina defaulted on its...more

8/19/2014 - Bonds Corporate Counsel Forum Selection Clause FSIA Hedge Funds Securities Sovereign Debt

6 Ways to do Business Overseas While Reducing the Perils of Future Litigation

As an executive or in-house counsel, your work likely reaches across the globe. 90% of companies in the United States are involved in litigation—much of it international. American companies have increased overseas...more

5/28/2013 - Career Development International Litigation

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