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FDCPA Statutory Damages Award Reduced Because Collection Calls Were Misleading But Nonthreatening And Only Occurred On One Day

A woman received phone calls from a debt collector who said a “civil claim” was pending against the woman for a consumer debt. The woman sued in federal court, alleging violations of state and federal fair debt collection...more

6/14/2013 - Attorney's Fees Damages Debt Collection FDCPA Misleading Statements

Request For Sanctions For Filing A Frivolous Lawsuit Requires Evidence Beyond A Mere Conclusory Assertion

In Flint v. Beneficial Financial I Inc. (Slip Copy, 2013 WL 552622, E.D.Cal., February 12, 2013), a United States District Court considered a defendant's motion for financial sanctions against a plaintiff because defendant...more

2/26/2013 - Bad Faith FDCPA Frivolous Lawsuits Motion for Sanctions Sanctions

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