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Realtors Could Be Liable For Large Condominium Tax Bills

As we reported back in April, the CRA is increasingly challenging Canadians’ designation of their condominium unit as their principal residence. The distinction can result in a tax bill of tens of thousands of dollars....more

8/30/2013 - Canada Condominiums CRA Liability Real Estate Market Sales & Use Tax

Condominium Lawyer Disbarred For Fraud

Before a condominium can be created, developers need to comply with a myriad of municipal by-laws and laws, including of course, the Condominium Act. ...more

8/26/2013 - Attorney Disbarrment Condominiums Fraud

Councilor Removes Signs Advertising Condominiums

Toronto’s condominium boom shows no sign of stopping – as of June 2013, there were a record 251 condominium buildings under construction in the GTA....more

8/8/2013 - Advertising Canada Condominiums Land Developers

Condominium Liable For Failing To Provide A Parking Space To A Person With A Disability

We have previously written about the obligations the Ontario Human Rights Code places on condominium corporations....more

7/30/2013 - Condominium Act Condominium Corporation Condominiums Disability Disability Access Claims Human Rights Code

Toronto Star Urges Faster Protection For Condominium Owners

As we reported last week, Ontario is working to introduce mandatory qualifications for condominium managers. ...more

7/22/2013 - Canada Condominium Associations Condominiums Managers

Update: Toronto Considers Substantial Increases To Condominium Development Fees

As we previously reported, Toronto is considering dramatic increases to development fees that could result in purchasers paying price increases of almost $15,000....more

7/5/2013 - Canada Condominiums Fees Housing Developers

Toronto Considers Substantial Increases To Condominium Development Fees

If you’ve purchased a preconstruction condominium in Toronto that has yet to close, take a close look at your Agreement of Purchase and Sale – you could be stuck paying a price increase of more than $10,000....more

6/28/2013 - Canada Condominiums Fees Land Developers

Condominium Sales Could Lead To Large Tax Bills

If you sold a condominium in Canada’s booming housing market, don’t count your profit just yet – the Canada Revenue Agency could soon be knocking on your door with a large tax bill....more

4/24/2013 - Canada Canadian Revenue Agency Condominiums Property Tax

Pigs In Condominiums?!?

We have written numerous times on this blog about pets in condominiums – pet provisions in Declarations, enforcement of pet rules, nuisance pets, numerous pet evictions, and more. We’ve even run a popular seminar titled...more

3/28/2013 - Canada Condominiums Pets

Bug Infestations In Condominiums

Dealing with neighbors can be a frustrating aspect of condominium living – but what if your neighbors are tens of thousands of tiny bugs?...more

3/25/2013 - Canada Condominiums Pest Infestation

United States Aims To Limit Risky Mortgages

Following on the heels of Canada’s tightening of the mortgage and lending landscape, the United States has announced a new rule aimed at preventing consumers from taking on high-risk loans....more

1/14/2013 - Ability-to-Repay Amortization CFPB Condominiums Loans Mortgages Penalties Qualified Mortgage Rule

No-Pet Clauses In Rental Condominium Leases

Following on the heels of Heenan Blaikie’s condominium group’s recent seminar “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”, the Toronto Star has weighed in on the always controversial issue of no-pet clauses in leases. ...more

12/12/2012 - Condominiums Leases Pets

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