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The Iron Law of Unintended Consequences - (with apologies to Robert Michels)

It is a certainty that no matter what action is taken (by an individual, a group, or especially a legislative body) that there will be unintended consequences. It is also true that those unintended consequences, like the...more

2/26/2015 - America Invents Act Hatch-Waxman Hedge Funds Inter Partes Review Proceedings Market Manipulation Patent Trial and Appeal Board Patents Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Pharmaceutical Patents Prescription Drugs Price Manipulation Standing

Mutual Pharmaceutical Co. v. Bartlett (2013)

The old adage "Bad cases make bad law" is invoked when the facts of a case lead a court to rule in favor of the particular entities before it rather than applying the law consistently. (Although anyone familiar with recent...more

6/28/2013 - FDA FDCA Generic Drugs Hatch-Waxman Mutual Pharmaceuticals v Bartlett Patents Prescription Drugs SCOTUS

Par/Paddock Answers FTC Before Supreme Court

Par PharmaceuticalPar/Paddock, one of the generic drug company defendants in FTC v. Actavis Inc. et al. (the "reverse payment" ANDA settlement case now before the Supreme Court) filed its reponsive brief last week. In it,...more

2/28/2013 - Actavis Inc. ANDA Anti-Competitive FTC Generic Drugs Hatch-Waxman Par/Paddock Patents Prescription Drugs Reverse Payment Settlement Agreements SCOTUS

Cephalon, Inc. v. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2013)

Whether ANDA litigation has had a positive or negative impact on generic drug availability is an open question, in view of several recent reports looking at the effects such litigation has had on both branded and generic...more

2/15/2013 - ANDA Cephalon Clear and Convincing Evidence Expert Testimony Generic Drugs Hatch-Waxman Infringement Patents Pharmaceutical Presumption of Validity Reversal Reverse Payment Settlement Agreements Standard of Proof

Supreme Court to Review Reverse Payment Settlement Agreements

The Supreme Court granted certiorari Friday in Federal Trade Commission v. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., one of two cases with certiorari petitions before the Court relating to reverse payment settlement agreements in ANDA...more

12/10/2012 - FTC Hatch-Waxman Patents Pharmaceutical Reverse Payment Settlement Agreements Watson Pharmaceuticals

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