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Last NC Law Changes of 2014 - just in time for the holidays

Although the NC General Assembly adjourned last summer it is customary to allow some laws that require lead time for implementation to go into effect on December 1st. The following is a list of NC laws that are new today...more

12/2/2014 - New Legislation

Sine Die Die Die!

Sine Die, folks! The North Carolina General Assembly has adjourned until a new legislature convenes January 14, 2015 with the members elected this November....more

9/2/2014 - Legislative Agendas New Legislation State and Local Government

Important Bill For Local Tax and Economic Development Changes is Mired in the Muck

The clock ran out on HB 1224 and we've had our fingers crossed for two weeks hoping that having the House and Senate both in session tomorrow might yield some legislative love and perhaps another look at HB 1224 -- which is...more

8/14/2014 - Economic Development Local Taxes Tax Reform

Business Court Modernization Bill is now Law

This session we've watched SB 853 - Business Court Modernization work through the legislative process and we are impressed by freshman Senator Tamara Barringer's first big effort. All you lawyers who take on complex...more

8/11/2014 - Business Court Division Complex Litigation New Legislation

Legislative Update (Not the) End of Session

Jones Street has the unsettling calm of the realization after a just-fought battle that the victory was not worth the bloodshed, and you can’t remember why you’re fighting....more

8/8/2014 - Legislative Agendas Pending Legislation Proposed Legislation State and Local Government

LegalZoom or IllegalZoom?

LegalZoom, the online legal documents preparation service, is seeking a toehold in North Carolina by amending the statutory definition of the practice of law in G.S. 84-2.1 over the objections of the North Carolina Bar. The...more

7/25/2014 - Business Court Division LegalZoom Proposed Legislation Unauthorized Practice of Law

Womble Legislative Update

Three and a half weeks into the new state fiscal year we have no newly adjusted budget, and the passage of important bills has slowed to a trickle, but there's a distinct uptick in hostage-taking of bills....more

7/25/2014 - Legislative Agendas Pending Legislation Proposed Legislation State Budgets

Vitriol, Asperity and Acrimony

Unease on Jones Street has shifted just a tad for the worse. We prefer to update you on bills and committees but the lack of legislative progress the last three weeks is becoming its own thing....more

7/23/2014 - Legislative Agendas Legislative Committees

Doctors' Headaches

Despite optimism early this week over a Senate budget conference position proposal that made serious concessions to the House budget position, we are at a new stalemate Friday....more

7/21/2014 - Federal Budget Hospitals Legislative Agendas Legislative Committees Medicaid Physicians

Legislative Hostage -Taking/Legislative Update

This has certainly been the week of legislative hostage-taking, unhappy people and bad feelings. Although the Senate made a mid-week budget offer to the House that looked promising to us, the House's lack of enthusiasm...more

7/21/2014 - Legislative Agendas Sales & Use Tax SALT State Taxes

Counties, Towns and Cities Still In The Cross Hairs

On Wednesday the Senate rolled out a new PCS for HB 1224 - Economic Development Changes that added what lobbyists for local government groups were expecting to be additional authority over local taxes but was instead a...more

7/21/2014 - Economic Development Municipalities Utilities Sector

The Senate Makes An Offer

House and Senate budget negotiators have been talking past one another for weeks now but today we have hope....more

7/16/2014 - Healthcare Healthcare Reform Legislative Agendas Medicaid

Lots of Legislative Theater; No White Smoke

Lots of theater; no white smoke. - We are nearly two weeks into the new fiscal year with no budget agreement and no go-home date circled on the legislative calendar. Senator Apodaca promises his Senate Rules Committee...more

7/14/2014 - Healthcare Legislative Agendas Medicaid State Budgets

Taking A Look At Significant Environmental Legislation This Session:

SB 38 – Amend Environmental Laws started as Emergency Management Amendments. The House added environmental amendments. The House sent the bill back to the Senate for concurrence. The Senate Clerk’s Office is holding the bill...more

7/9/2014 - Environmental Policies Proposed Legislation

July 3rd Legislative Update

We hoped to NOT send a legislative weekly update in July, but we’re afraid this is just the first of many. The House and Senate have broken a logjam and are moving toward agreement on many of the items standing between them...more

7/7/2014 - Legislative Agendas Proposed Legislation

Business Court Modernization heads to the House Floor

The House Finance Committee today gave a nod to SB 853 - Modernize Business Court after plenty of committee discussion. The bill required approval of the Finance Committee because it increases the filing fee for a business...more

7/3/2014 - Business Court Division Legislative Agendas Legislative Committees Pending Legislation

Health and Safety Regulatory Reform (SB493) currently sleeps in Senate Ways and Means

Senate Bill 493 - Health and Safety Regulatory Reform is now resting comfortably in the Senate Ways and Means Committee; a committee with just three members and just six bills. It appears to be a safe house for bills taken...more

7/2/2014 - Legislative Agendas Pending Legislation Proposed Legislation Regulatory Reform Ways and Means Committee

SB 734 - Regulatory Reform

Speaking of Christmas in July..... Senate Bill 734 - Regulatory Reform is resting comfortably in the Senate Ways and Means Committee but will likely get sprung loose in the waning hours of this legislative session....more

7/2/2014 - Legislative Agendas Legislative Committees Regulatory Reform Ways and Means Committee

SB 853 - Business Court Modernization bill takes another step in the House

Late Monday, a House Judiciary Committee approved yet another version of SB 853 - Modernize Business Court. This one includes two new provisions regarding corporations, and logically, a study to identify further needs of NC's...more

7/2/2014 - Business Court Division Legislative Agendas Proposed Amendments Proposed Legislation

HB 663 - Legal Zoom tries to get a safe toehold in NC

Amending the Practice of Law - On Thursday the Senate Judiciary I committee approved a bill that amends Chapter 84-2.1 regarding the practive of law. Chairman Goolsby proposed the new language which creates a safe...more

6/30/2014 - Legal Zoom Pending Legislation Safe Harbors Unauthorized Practice of Law Young Lawyers

State Government Shut Down Looming on July 1st? Nah.

Most of you are aware that the fiscal year for states runs July1st to June 30th. Our prediction here in NC is that next Monday will become next Tuesday with no new budget. Will this lead to a state government shutdown? It...more

6/30/2014 - State Budgets

Bill Updates That Will Make Your Head Spin - Weekly Wrap-Up.

Patent Trolling - The contents of HB 1032 - Patent Trolling have been added to SB 648 - NC Commerce Protection Act and sent to the Senate for a concurrence vote. The new SB 648 now addresses contracts between the NC...more

6/30/2014 - Business Court Division Legislative Agendas Legislative Committees Mechanics Lien Patent Trolls Patents Pending Legislation Proposed Legislation Statute of Repose Unauthorized Practice of Law

Interesting Alliances, or not, in State Budget Negotiations

Last week the House, in close collaboration with the Governor's Office, rolled out a "mini budget" bill that addressed some of the larger chunks of state spending and softened the House approach somewhat. The Senate balked,...more

6/30/2014 - Legislative Agendas Legislative Committees State Budgets

Business Court Modernization Bill Stuck in House Committee

Today a House Judiciary Committee was presented with a new version of SB 853 - Business Court Modernization - that was prepared without input from bill sponsors Barringer and Rucho. This is common treatment of a senate bill...more

6/26/2014 - Legislative Agendas

No Legislative Denouement Yet.....

This week at the General Assembly was full of the hints that the Honorables were ready to wrap things up without actually wrapping things up....more

6/23/2014 - Absentee Voting Coal Ash CTS v Waldburger Education Reform Legislative Agendas Medicaid Statute of Repose

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