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Ontario Employers Must Insure Long-Term Disability Benefits

The Ontario Budget introduced by the newly-elected Liberal government on July 14, 2014 includes a proposal for mandatory insurance of long-term disability (LTD) benefits. The Budget was accompanied by Bill 14, Building...more

8/6/2014 - Canada Disability Benefits Employee Benefits Proposed Legislation

Quebec Proposes Reforms to Municipal Defined Benefit Pension Plans

On June 12th, the Quebec government introduced Bill 3 – An Act to Foster the Financial Health and Sustainability of Municipal Defined Benefit Pension Plans in Quebec (Bill 3). Bill 3 replaces Bill 79 – An Act to Provide for...more

7/8/2014 - Canada Defined Benefit Plans Municipalities Pending Legislation

Federal Framework for Target Benefit Plans vs. New Brunswick’s Shared Risk Model: Similarities and Differences

On April 24, 2014, the federal government released a consultation paper proposing a framework for target benefit plans (TBP), and seeking input from stakeholders on the parameters of the proposed TBP framework. The...more

5/16/2014 - Canada Employee Benefits Pensions

Pension Innovation: New Brunswick’s Shared Risk Model

New Brunswick has enacted legislation to permit shared risk pension plans (SRPs), a type of target benefit plan (TBP), while other Canadian provinces have passed amendments to enable TBPs. This article discusses...more

5/13/2014 - Canada Employee Benefits Pensions

Ontario Pension Reform Update: Proposed Amendments to Regulations

As part of its ongoing pension reform initiative, on April 25, 2014, the Ontario government announced amendments to the general regulation under the Pension Benefits Act (PBA) in relation to the following: - ...more

4/29/2014 - Canada FSCO Pension Benefits Act Pension Plan Amendments

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