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You've been fired!

It isn't often that a supplier "fires" its customer, but it's not unknown. I have worked with two clients recently whose suppliers have given notice of termination without cause. How can you avoid or, if it does...more

10/28/2014 - Sourcing Agreements Suppliers Termination

Why Indemnities Matter

Most business clients would rather be in the dentist's chair than sit through negotiation of the indemnity and liability provisions of their agreement. Admit it: your eyes glaze over, time appears to visibly slow down, and...more

4/7/2014 - Indemnification Indemnity Agreements

A Step Up on Step-In Rights

Most outsourcing contracts that I see contain a step-in right for the customer. Generally, a step-in right allows the customer to take over the outsourced operations if the supplier cannot or does not perform, and then "step...more

9/12/2013 - Breach of Contract Outsourcing Suppliers Supply Chain

A License to Software Should not be a License to Print Money

It pays to closely read the payment terms in your software license. Or rather, it costs if you don't read them closely enough....more

1/28/2013 - License Agreements Licenses Software

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