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Inclusion Is A Choice: How My Hindu Wedding Taught Me How To Promote Diversity

This past summer, I married my wife in a traditional Indian wedding. We were both born in America and it was important for us to have a wedding that not only celebrated our love for one another, but also celebrated our...more

12/6/2013 - Diversity

Two-Year Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Termination Claims Under Minnesota’s Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace Act

In September of 2012, the Minnesota Court of Appeals held in Sipe v. STS Manufacturing., Inc. et al., No. A11-2082 (Minn. Ct. App. Sept. 25, 2012), that a wrongful termination claim under the Minnesota Drug and Alcohol...more

11/12/2012 - DATWA Drug Testing Hiring & Firing Intentional Torts Statute of Limitations Termination

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