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Tips for Budding Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Part Two

Step #4: Do the House Flipping Math When doing your initial house flipping analysis, you can do a little “napkin math” to estimate if the house is a winner. The first thing you need to do is determine the potential...more

6/30/2014 - Real Estate Investments

Tips for Budding Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Part One

As a young married couple, my wife and I are often encouraged to look beyond our W-2 income for ways to generate wealth. Real estate is often identified as the low-hanging fruit of investments. You buy a house, fix it up a...more

6/2/2014 - Real Estate Market Real Estate Professionals W-2

The Worldwide Village And The Children We’re Raising

It’s been said that entrepreneurs have to think globally to survive locally. This statement is more true today than ever before, as the competition (large, multinational corporations) is looking overseas to improve cost...more


"Private Equity and Angel Investment"

As a new author to entreVIEW, I wanted to write about a topic near and dear to the hearts (and pocketbooks) of entrepreneurs—money! While private capital raising remains tough, there has been a shift to alternative asset...more

3/12/2014 - Angel Investors Entrepreneurs Funding Private Equity Startups

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