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The Sixth Circuit On Why A False Statement Charge In A Real Estate Scheme Requires More Than Just A Misleading Check

Bernard Kurlemann may have done many things - he borrowed millions to build a pair of houses in Mason, Ohio, for example - but he did not make a false statement to a bank....more

4/16/2013 - False Statements Jury Instructions Loans Misleading Impressions Mortgages Straw Purchasers

It's Hard To Lie (Though Not For The Reason You Think); Or You Haven't Made A False Statement If The Statement You Made Isn't...

Daniel Castro was a high-ranking person in the Philadelphia Police Department. And the Third Circuit's opinion in his case - United States v. Castro - may just be the most awesome published opinion I've seen in months....more

2/7/2013 - Conspiracies Extortion False Statements Sting Operation Exception

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