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Short Wins - The Greg Poe Vindicates An AFPD's Reputation Edition

Last week's wins are below - and there are some great reads. But today, let's congratulate Greg Poe for his work challenging sanctions imposed on a fine career AFPD in the Sixth Circuit....more

11/19/2013 - Federal Sentencing Guidelines Fraud Sentencing Trials

Short Wins - The BOP Makes Prison Harder For Women, And Blog Lobbying

It's a bit of a sleepy week in the circuits, but not too sleepy in the news....more

7/30/2013 - Drug Possession Federal Sentencing Guidelines Prison Sentencing

Short Wins - More On The Federal Defender Budget Mess And The Withering Sixth Amendment

Two wins in the Eighth Circuit - nice. Other than that, it's a whole lot of resentencing news. In news related to last week's short wins post, though, where I lamented that Assistant Federal Public Defenders will be...more

4/1/2013 - Confrontation Clause Federal Budget Federal Sentencing Guidelines Illegal Gun Possession Public Defenders Right To Counsel Sequestration Sixth Amendment Spending Cuts Witness Unavailability

The Third Circuit Shows How The Sentencing Guidelines For Fraud Are Complicated; Victims And Losses Bamboozle The Government And...

The federal sentencing guidelines are probably the most problematic in three areas - fraud, child pornography, and drugs....more

3/7/2013 - Credit Cards Federal Sentencing Guidelines Fraud Intended Loss

When Counting Bribes For Sentencing Guidelines Purposes, You Only Count The Ones That Actually Happened

Michael Roussel used to be a Captain in the New Orleans Police Department. As you might expect, he was convicted of bribery....more

3/5/2013 - Bribery Federal Sentencing Guidelines Police Misconduct Sentencing Enhancements

Short Wins - The Seventh Circuit Goes Strong, But The Ninth Circuit Goes Interesting; Resentencing, Discovery Violations, And...

It's a good week in the circuits for folks accused of federal crimes. The Seventh Circuit has been active (though sadly without Judge Posner). United States v. Diaz-Rios looks interesting - it's a remand for resentencing...more

2/4/2013 - Brady Violation Discovery Drug Distribution Drug Possession Federal Sentencing Guidelines Money Laundering Police Misconduct Remand Resentencing Vacated

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