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Short Wins - the Shameless Promotion Edition

United States v. Flores-Mejia, Third Circuit: The court vacated Appellant's sentence after being convicted of reentry after deportation. The Third Circuit, however, used the opportunity to change its current law and now...more

7/23/2014 - Criminal Prosecution Illegal Drugs

Short Wins - The Smurfing Edition

The big news in this edition of Short Wins is United States v. Abair - a simply crazy Seventh Circuit. I already wrote about it for a general legal audience on Above the Law (Inspector Javert Goes Smurfing in Indiana)...more

3/31/2014 - Illegal Drugs Prior Conviction Tax Returns

Short Wins - The First Post Of 2014 Edition

There's been a lot of action in the federal circuits these first few weeks of the year, and here, in one post we have a lot of it. One shout out in particular is U.S. v. Aparicio-Soria....more

1/22/2014 - Drug Distribution Felons Illegal Drugs Illegal Gun Possession Manslaughter

The D.C. Circuit Holds That A Judge In D.C. Cannot Authorize A Bug In Maryland

The United States government thought that Lonnell Glover was a drug dealer. They tapped his phone, but he spoke in code so they couldn't get any evidence on him that way....more

12/12/2013 - Criminal Prosecution Fourth Amendment Good Faith Illegal Drugs Jurisdiction Law Enforcement Wiretapping

Short Wins - Overcriminalization And Prison Costs Head To Congress

Congress these days seems to have noticed that we have too many federal criminal laws - which is a good thing (the Congressional notice, less the excessive criminal laws). Last week, the House Judiciary Committee heard...more

11/7/2013 - Child Pornography Criminal Prosecution Firearms Identity Theft Illegal Drugs Sexual Abuse

Short Wins - Attorney General Holder Wants Fewer People In Prison And We Add Attorney Names

It's been a busy week in the circuits. But first, two news items. Eric Holder Walks Back The War On Drugs - Today, as has been widely reported, Eric Holder will announce that "widespread incarceration at the...more

8/12/2013 - DOJ Eric Holder Illegal Drugs Prison Prison Overcrowding Prison Reform

A Brady Violation In Tennessee

Placido Mendoza drove a truck from North Carolina to Tennessee. His passenger was Abel Tavera....more

8/8/2013 - Brady Violation Conspiracies Criminal Prosecution Due Diligence Illegal Drugs Methamphetamine

Short Wins - Slow News Day Edition & DNA Collection News

Last week, with the Memorial Day holiday, was a slow week for wins in the federal circuits- there's only one short win....more

6/5/2013 - Controlled Substances Illegal Drugs

Short Wins - And More On Jury Nullification

Six new cases from the federal circuits this week. My favorite - a subjective measure, I know - is United States v. Ramirez. Any time a court, even the Ninth Circuit, vacates a drug conspiracy conviction for insufficient...more

5/6/2013 - Controlled Substances Court of Federal Claims Drug Trafficking Firearms Illegal Drugs Jury Nullification

Short Wins - Public Defender Withdrawals Of Two Kinds

Last week was an active week in the federal appeals courts. Perhaps most interesting - especially to those who are concerned about the state of our federal public defenders - is the Second Circuit's opinion in United...more

4/11/2013 - Child Pornography Federal Budget Firearms Illegal Drugs Jury Instructions Mental Hospitals Public Defenders Sequestration Sex Offenders

Short Wins - President's Day Edition

It's a scattershot collection of sentencing remands in this week's short wins....more

2/19/2013 - Conspiracies Drug Distribution Fair Sentencing Act Illegal Drugs Mail Theft Resentencing Sentencing Sex Trafficking USPS

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