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Definitely Not Short Wins

On this, the Monday after Labor Day, I suspect many of us have the feeling that work piles up when you leave the office. And, with last week off from Short Wins, that's definitely what happened here....more

9/4/2013 - Jury Verdicts Trials

Short Wins - 9th And 11th Circuit Edition

There are some great cases from the Ninth and Eleventh Circuits this week - especially United States v. Ermoian on obstruction of justice. Good times....more

8/19/2013 - Jury Trial Jury Verdicts Trials

Short Wins - The Last Week Of Blog Nominating And A Bright Spot On Danbury

1. United States v. Esquivel-Rios, Tenth Circuit: Appellant's car, which bore an out-of-state 30 day registration tag, was stopped after a police officer could not verify the tag with a law enforcement database....more

8/5/2013 - ABA Blogs Criminal Prosecution Jury Verdicts Prison Reform

Short Wins

It's been a busy week in the federal circuits - lots of good wins to check out....more

7/23/2013 - Criminal Prosecution DOJ Jury Trial Jury Verdicts

The Jury Gets To Decide Whether All The Elements Of A Crime Have Been Proven, Even If One Of Them Is Really Complicated

Many white-collar cases start the same way - a person is an entrepreneur. He has a vision for a business he'd like to build. He wants to do great things and reform an industry....more

4/25/2013 - Jury Verdicts US Munitions List Vendors White Collar Crimes

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