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Short Wins - Blog 100 Announcement Edition

1. United States v. Arreguin, Ninth Circuit: Appellant's motion to suppress evidence was denied by the District Court. The Ninth Circuit reversed and remanded, directing the trial court to grant the motion to suppress....more

11/27/2013 - Evidence Suppression Fourth Amendment Plain View Doctrine Search & Seizure

Short Wins - It's A Relatively Good Week For The Constitution

It's a good week in the federal circuits for folks accused of a crime. Instead of the all-too-common diet of sentencing remands, there are some nice wins on our rights against unreasonable searches and seizures and...more

3/5/2013 - Child Pornography Evidence Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Restitution Search & Seizure Sentencing Enhancements

The Supreme Court Says A Seizure Isn't Incident To A Search That Happened A Mile Away

Someone told the police that Chunon Bailey sold drugs. Worse, he sold drugs and had a gun at his house at 103 Lake Drive in Wyandanch, New York. That someone was a confidential informant. The police took that tip...more

2/25/2013 - Detention Evidence Suppression Fourth Amendment Search & Seizure Search Warrant

You Can't Suppress The Body, But You Can Suppress The Fake ID Used To Find The Body

The Supreme Court has said that you can never suppress the body of a person accused of a crime - the person's identity is not able to be kept out of evidence, even if that identity is the result of an unlawful arrest or...more

2/13/2013 - Deportation Evidence Suppression Fourth Amendment Illegal Reentry Search & Seizure Stop and Search Unlawful Arrest

The Eighth Circuit On How To Get Your Stuff Back After The Government Takes It Using A Search Warrant

There's little judicial attention paid to folks who have their stuff taken by the police executing a search warrant - and who want it back later. Thankfully, just in time for Christmas, the Eighth Circuit breaks out with...more

12/19/2012 - Appeals Deprivation of Property Fair Market Value Rule 41 Search & Seizure Search Warrant

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