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Short Wins - Last Post Of The Year Edition

It's generally a slow time of year between Christmas and New Year's, but the federal circuits have been busy. But who wouldn't want to start the year with a remand in a criminal case (other than the government)?...more

12/30/2013 - CPO Driver's Licenses Evidence Evidence Suppression Fraud Search Warrant Warrantless Searches

Short Wins - Three Wins

We have three short but good cases from the circuits from last week. I think my favorite is U.S. v. Glover, a nice suppression case....more

11/12/2013 - Evidence Suppression Guilty Pleas Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Minors Search Warrant Sexual Abuse

The Fourth Circuit Holds That A Plea Based On Law Enforcement Fraud Is Invalid, Even If The Person Is Guilty

October 29, 2007 started bad for Cortez Fisher. He walked out of his house and the Baltimore police approached him (he lived in Baltimore). They asked to talk to him. He said no. He tried to drive away, but backed into...more

4/29/2013 - Affidavits Fraud Law Enforcement Pleas Police Search Warrant

The Supreme Court Says A Seizure Isn't Incident To A Search That Happened A Mile Away

Someone told the police that Chunon Bailey sold drugs. Worse, he sold drugs and had a gun at his house at 103 Lake Drive in Wyandanch, New York. That someone was a confidential informant. The police took that tip...more

2/25/2013 - Detention Evidence Suppression Fourth Amendment Search & Seizure Search Warrant

The First Circuit On Police Providing Information To Drug Dealers - You're Only In A Federal Drug Conspiracy If You Know It's A...

It seems that Rolando Ramos was a marijuana dealer. I say that because the police had him on a wire doing drug deals, found marijuana in his house when they executed a search warrant, and because he pled guilty to being...more

1/14/2013 - Conspiracies Drug Distribution Evidence Marijuana Police Search Warrant

The Eighth Circuit On How To Get Your Stuff Back After The Government Takes It Using A Search Warrant

There's little judicial attention paid to folks who have their stuff taken by the police executing a search warrant - and who want it back later. Thankfully, just in time for Christmas, the Eighth Circuit breaks out with...more

12/19/2012 - Appeals Deprivation of Property Fair Market Value Rule 41 Search & Seizure Search Warrant

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